Tuesday, 28 July 2015

First Impressions: Lost Dimensions

And when i say first impressions i'm still in the tutorial.

So i didn't know this game existed till last friday... i haven't been keeping up on whats coming out because with my job i do not have time to dedicate to games.
On the other hand I am a sucker for a neat concept.

Back in the day (like... when i was 12?) i saw my first fire emblem commercial and one of the hooks was that there was a traiter amoung you and you had to make your own friendships while not being betrayed.
That sounded so awesome to little me so i was a little sad when that didn't even remotely happen... i Love FE7 don't get me wrong.... but i was up for some "who to trust" funtimes...
but that "you have a traitor among you" is the entire hook of this game and i gotta say.... i'm just as excited for the concept as i was when i was younger...  and the fact that it's random so it can't really get spoiled is pretty cool too... (unless it's just superficial and then that'll be disappointing)

So armed with that extremely limited knowledge i bought it and when i got home from work today it was waiting for me... and after DL all that free DLC (other then what is essentially free experience because that sounds incredibly lame) i started the game.

So far i like it... the concept is pretty cool, the story at the start is a little stilted but if i can sit through L'ark Rise fantasia i can sit through anything....
but even at this early point it's got some oddities...
Like it needs to load between every action... it seemed to be shorter and shorter as i kept playing but still i don't see why it's constantly loading.... and theres no option to install parts of the game on the system to help the load times so.... thats kinda disappointing.

So far it's like a visual novel (Which i tend to love assuming the story they are trying to tell is interesting) with combat sections that remind me the slightest bit of a Xcom or Valkyria Chronicles... you can move within a circle and attack anything in range with your teammates backing you up if they are close enough.

Probably the most notable thing i have seen is that one game = one save file.... you cannot make multiple saves and the game autosaves after every mission... now assuming that the traitor thing is determined from the start and not just randomly picked on the final floor that is pretty cool
ah who am i kidding of course it's picked on the last floor... but still i like this whole "this is the story you get.. .deal with it" aspect to saying you can't have multiple saves.

After playing a few missions i'm wondering how much voice recognition will come into play... At the end of each mission (main or sub it doesn't seem to matter) you hear the voices of those you fight with.. considering you can only have teams of 6 and you as the main character take up a slot...
In my first mission i didn't hear anything odd but when i beat the second map with a completely different team one voice was messed up...
Id have to hear it again but it sounds like the blond guy who controls magnetic fields didn't get a line... now i hope i heard wrong... i'm not used to all their voices yet and it goes by really quickly... and i like him... he's strong.

Still i can't get over how much fun i'm having after each match...

I know it's gimmicky but i just adore this kind of thing.

Okay so i get to the judgement and this is hard... the game is really pulling for you to pick a certain character but... i may love games like this but where my choice actually matters (unlike danganronpa) it's more then a little stressful.

Also find it kind of neat that you only get so many votes so if the other characters are suspicious of someone your choice may not do anything. (unless you buy a dlc item to force the vote but much like buying EXP and gift points LAME)

So yeah if i haven't made it clear this type of game is pretty much my jam... i love this type of mystery... i love trying to figure things out by being clever and i love that i can't actually be spoiled since my play through will be different then others.

So yeah if a visual novel with Turnbased/area based strategical combat and a plot of finding the traitor are up your alley... i would say give the game a chance.
If none of that sounds fun then probably best to avoid... it's not perfect by anymeans but i have a feeling i'm going to really enjoy this.

assuming i ever get the time to play....

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