Saturday, 4 July 2015

Inside Out

It's so rare that i get to go see a film in theater anymore...

Kinda nice.

Inside out is a film about feelings.
A young girl who has had a happy life till now, mostly thanks to 'joy' taking control of her feelings most of the time, is upended by her family forcing her to move across the country...

where have i heard this before...
Oh thats right... around that age I moved across the country... hm

Anyways Joy is a bit over protective and while she thinks she's doing good she almost destroys everything that makes the girls personality... she has to come together with emotions she would rather ignore in order to make sure the girl can be happy.

It was a really cute film, the characters inside the head all have this effect where they almost look like they were drawn by crayon... all their edges are soft and it's just very pleasing to look at.

The story is also really good, moving across the country around that age really sucks and at first it's hard to see the good that can come from it... it's different, it's scary, you leave everything behind but it also can be a great chance to find yourself and make new memories.

My only real gripe with the film is there are moments that i think are supposed to be comedic but fall a little on the flat side.

Everything else was really enjoyable.

I will note that the person who cut the commercials should be fired as the commercials make this film look terrible...

Is it my fav Disney Pixar film? nah.... i still really love the incredibles... and toy story cause i mean come on....
but I think it's pretty good

Just as a side note the thing i was most upset about when we moved was the school situation.

In one province i was in highschool cause highschool was 8-12
when i moved i was in middle school because 6-8 was middle school and 9-12/13 was highschool.

Also when i asked for a felt everyone looked at me like i was nuts... back home we called Crayola makers "Felts" and anything permanent like a sharpie "markers"
Here everything is a marker... i mean it makes sense in it's own way but i've been here a long time and i still think it's strange.

and yeah... part of me still considers where i used to live home... even though i doubt i'll ever move back... stubbornness can be strange at times

anyways go see this movie... it's very cute.

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