Sunday, 26 July 2015

ConBravo 2015

Just a quick (hopefully) post mortem of my trip to this chill fun con.

So this is the 6th year the con has run and also my 6th time attending... it's the only con i can say i've gone to since the beginning. (which is funny cause after the first year i said i'd never go again and now it's my fav con)

This year I got a hotel room, i was supposed to go with a good friend whom i drag every year she is free but she had a wedding to attend so i was solo.
It was nice cause there are almost always single seats neat the front available and i could get a good seat without waiting ages in line BUT i have this nasty tendency to forget about eating so i was pretty hungry all weekend.

On Friday i went to the dealers room before any panels and wow... our terrible dollar skyrocket all the prices...
I did manage to find the Tanuma figure i have been trying to get for about a year so even though he was a little overpriced it was worth it.

Then i went to the Pubquiz and sat with Diamnade Hagan and (i'm sorry if i get this wrong) Omega and that was a lot of fun.. .we were close to winning but sucked in the final round. 

After that I went to panels and because i had the hotel room i even went to the "Pro Jirard the Finishist" panel which was easily the funniest thing i have ever seen at a panel.

Then about 5 hours of sleep it was back to panels.... all day... never went to the dealers room on saturday... it was great though i was a bit dehydrated (or exhausted... or both)
Also on Saturday i managed to thank ProJared for a retweet he gave me for a quick fanart of the skitty from his nuzlocke
Titled: I can't wait to show him how much i've grown

because i am a terrible person... and i really enjoyed seeing all the "why would you make this?" and "my feelings they hurt" comments

anyways i also got some autographs... my Moleskine now has lots of signatures (because i forgot my Yuujinchou/most of the guests already have signed it)
uh i was going to go to d20 live but 5 hours of sleep the previous night told me that i needed rest more then entertainment.... one year i'll make it to that...
Then sunday i checked out of the hotel (sadly because it's nice having a place to go sit without other people around) checked my luggage and went to a few final panels... also went to the dealers room again... no deals and still stupid prices but i did find one vendor selling  US cover price manga so i cleaned them out of some stuff... over the course of the weekend i spent just over 100 bucks... i never spend that little at cons.... but everything was just so overpriced.

The i headed home and now i'm enjoying some SGDQ.

It did feel a little quieter this year which surprised me but half the reason i adore this con is that there aren't too many people... yes there were lines but i don't think any of the rooms were ever completely full. Pretty much everyone was very friendly but there were some extremely obnoxious children whose parents were obviously not around and that was a little annoying if only becuase they were bring rude at times.

But once again i had a great time, a little sad because a group of friends went to Japan (a trip i couldn't go on cause of work) the same day that the con started so it was a little hard to be excited for the con when i was really quite sad about not being on the trip... but hey i managed to have a great time anyways... and back to work tomorrow.

SO yeah if you are ever able to go to ConBravo in Hamilton, Ontario i recommend it, nice chill con with just an awesome laid back atmosphere. Also because 99% of the guests are content creators everyone is really chill an humble and very few guests are ever full of themselves.

But yeah i'm tired and hungry so see ya later!

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