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Year End Top Ten: Video games

This year was Sony heavy... in fact all the games i beat this year were either Psvita or PS3... partially because i was playing catch up on these systems but also because the games i did get on other systems are technically games you beat. and i could put smash 3ds on here but... honestly was a little dissapointed by it (and i dont get the wii U version till christmas and i'm writing this on the 22nd)  

Also you are going to notice a trend in titles... again  i was playing catch up this year cause nothing new really interested me.
The rules for the list:
1. I had to finish it for the first time in 2014. This means that older games can be on here as long as i hadn't played them before.
2. even though i called these things top tens... i may go under or over that limit depending on the situation

a final note this is all my personal opinion, if you don't like the titles i put on this list then please tell me your top ten of the year!

Alright so i only beat 12 games this year... and one of them will be on my next list so only one Honourable mention this year and that is....

Tales of Xillia
It's okay, i really like that you can switch out characters on the fly but i felt like splitting the story up into to stories was just  a way to artificially extend the gameplay. I also felt like some of the characters were a bit bland but overall better then i expected.

Okay onto the list.

10. Atelier Meruru (vita)
I really like the Atelier games, i played a lot of them this year (haven't played rorona yet... just waiting for it to go on sale... i'm not made of money) however this one was easily my least favourite of the bunch. that doesn't mean it's bad... it had some of the prettiest male character in the entire series... the open endedness of the goal was kind of nice....
But i couldn't stand Meruru... I have to wonder how she remembers to breath she is just so dense.
it doesn't help that on my first playthrough despite trying really hard the time limit caught up to me and i got the bad ending.
Also there wasn't a plot (at least compared to the other ones i played) just this goal of have more people live there... but no side goal of trying to find family or running away from past mistakes.

9. Tales of Hearts R (vita)
I should preface this by saying i loved most of the games i beat this year and this game in any other year would be much higher. The only reason it's so low is the less then stellar translation... i don't like when i hear one thing but read a almost completely different plotline... i don't like hearing Shingu but reading Kor. If you are presenting it in the original language the translation needs to be as accurate as possible... you want to change things then dub it. Still the combat was great (though a bit easy at points) and i love the fact that it came here and if you own a Vita you owe it to yourself to get this game.

8. Atelier Ayesha (ps3)
Again, a great game... i love how natural the exploring feels and the characters are wonderful but Ayesha is just so whiny and annoying half the time... if i don't like the main character i'm probably not going to like the rest of the plot. still as far as starting off a new set of the atelier games i think it does a wonderful job and playing on my nice big tv was a joy.

7. Disgaea 3 (vita)
It's strange... i remember really liking this one.... but thinking back i don't remember any key events like i do with D1... i vaguely remember the main character and the whole you have to be bad to be considered good dynamic but in the end it felt more like a setting of convenience then a plot driving these characters forward. But none of these games are bad on this list... it just didn't stick with me as much as other titles here.

6. Danganronpa (vita)
One of the most fun Visual novel games i have played, i love the action elements of the court room (though some still felt a little gimmicky... oh well) HOWEVER... playing this game made me miss the complexity of the zero escape series. Still loved it... wish i could replay but thats part of the problem with this type of game... you beat it once and know all the solutions. still love the art and the gameplay..... music not so much but oh well it fits.

5. Danganronpa 2 (vita)
This fixes some of the problems i had with 1, the music is better... the cast is larger... the plot is stronger and that ending was practically perfect at tying up everything and leaving me excited for Danganronpa 3 (you know... around the time Zero escape 3 releases *has a little cry*) but again... this game (more so then the other for reasons) reminded me way more of the zero escape games and just made me sad... i want the conclusion to that series... i want to know what happens after [spoiler] goes to [spoiler] and then [spoiler]. Still a great visual novel and everyone should go play them...... and 999 and virtues last reward since if more people buy them maybe we will get 3 *cries more*

4. Atelier Totori (vita)
This was the first Atelier game i played (not the first gust game... that was mana khemia)  and i loved it. The plot was great, the character designs are lovely, the music is really pretty and the exploration felt pretty natural. Sure it was a bit more fanservicy then i was expecting... that okay.. .i would just enjoy Sterk. the game play was great i love the alchemy system and yeah... overall a good time... 3 games were just more fun to me though. i do laugh that i got to the final boss on like the last few days of the game... oh well.

3. Atelier Escha and Logy (ps3)
true story, the pronunciation in the english dub was so poor i had to play in japanese to keep my head from exploding.
on the other hand Gorgeous male character to play as... lots of fanservice aimed in my direction and just overall lovely colourful lush and thought out world? hell yes!
"but doesn't this just split up the story to pad gameplay like xillia?" YEP... don't care... i like these characters... and i haven't played Escha's plot yet... i am planning to soon because i am curious.  This game is the reason i'm excited for the next atelier game which again apparently has two mains... though i hope for that one instead of it being two plots it's more like "this character is good at alchemy and this one is good at gathering..." that kinda what i expected from Escha and logy and yeah... not so much. Still get this game, wait for the + version on vita but get it.

2. Disgaea 4 (vita)
I enjoyed this one nearly as much as i enjoyed Disgaea 1. Valvatorez has one of the best plots of the series. the comedy was on point, i was actually surprised by some of the twists and yeah just overall really enjoyed the story. The map design was okay... i notice they are starting to reuse some maps and that makes me sad. Still in the end it's the only disgaea game since 1 where i was interested in getting other ending or trying to do post game content. Also that art, i love the artist style... always have... it just feels top notch in this game.

And the number one game which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone considering there is no Ys title this year.

1. Tales of Graces F (specifically Lines and Lineage) (ps3)
I'll be honest, Tales of graces is good... not great, if i were only talking about it it would probably be 5 instead of 1. However the post game content called lines and lineage is not only some of the best post game content i have ever seen... it makes this entire game my second favourite tales of game ever. Bumping out Abyss and Vesperia (though that could change if i stop being a lazy bum and beat vesperia)
It deals with some of my favourite themes and it does it magically. It broke my heart to watch but i couldn't stop smiling. It should have had it's own disk and been called Graces 2.... it's better then some other sequels Tales of has done... and it's relegated to this thing that i bet most people don't end up playing cause we all have piled of games we need to beat... no time for post game content... but it's not post game content it's a whole other game with new mechanics and plot and character development and it's wonderfully executed.
I cannot stop gushing over this game so it just had to be my number one pick of the year.

still kinda bummed no falcom this year... oh well.

What do you think? what was the best game you beat this year? let me know!
Tomorrow i will be discussing my 10 worst things of the year and this will be both Anime and video games mixed together.

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