Monday, 29 December 2014

Orenchi no Furo jijo

How do i review something that is only 4 minutes long for 13 week...
I can't really.

It's a cute little comedy show that deals with a Merman staying in the bathtub.
Why is he there? who knows but more importantly who cares... it's 4 mins long and it's just supposed to be cute and fun and it succeeds in that.

If you were worried about it being Shonen Ai it's not really... the most they do is share a bath because.... well where is the merman going to go when they bath?

Considering it's a webshow it's got one of the better intro songs (yeah something that is 4 mins long puts aside 30 seconds for intro... and another 15 or so for ending gag)this season and the animation is actually very pretty.

I found it charming and fun but i have a hard time recommending it since it's not insanely funny or clever. It just is what it is.

Also i know i say no webshows... i barely watched anything this season so the webshows i did watch filled the gaps.
Also Merman.... i enjoy those *nods*

alright Top Video games will be posted in a few hours so i hope you look forward to that.

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