Monday, 15 December 2014

My Fav Christmas/Winter Anime

this will be off the top of my head so if i forget an obvious one sorry.

A brief history of me and Holiday media... I'm the person who's christmas consists of such classics as A Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, The Ref (which is the best holiday film but be warned it's a dark comedy), Die Hard and Leathal weapon.

Most Christmas movies are just a little too sappy and unrealistic for me personally (or i didn't grow up with them) but i have never had that issue with Christmas episodes in anime (probably because i haven't seen too many bad ones) mostly because the amount they get wrong is just too funny for me.

Still this time of year i get in the mood to either watch a show that takes place during winter or one with a focus on christmas.

Here are some of my favorites in no particular order.

1. Toradora!
The first time i watched this show it took me a while to warm up to it, i have since rewatched it multiple times and gotten friends to watch it as well and i really do adore all the sincere/happy/heartbreaking moments. Some of the best moments take place over christmas in this show... and it's actually a large portion of the show spanning 2 or 3 episodes. It's just the warmest and saddest arc i have seen and this year it's what i'm watching over christmas.

2. Clannad or Kanon
Clannad is kinda cheating since Christmas is barely mentioned but winter (or more accurately snow) is an important part of the show so i feel like it's okay to watch this time of year... you know if i feel like crying.
Kanon is Key/Vis arts set in winter anime so again, no christmas but still good for the holiday season... and tears... not as much as clannad but clannad is also twice the length.

3. Kodocha
I wish we could legally get everything after 'season two' (as north america called it)... one of the major plot points is that since one character never celebrated a brithday the main character makes up this Mid birthday thing and the midpoint between their birthday happens to be christmas eve and again it's just a sweet couple of episodes (over multiple years) and yeah the connection to christmas is more so that there are gifts exchanged on that day but it's just really sweet and gets the overall feeling of the holiday.

4. Cardcaptor sakura
The episode where they celebrate Yukito's birthday is one of my fav and it just happens to take place on Christmas and that's good enough to watch it during this time of year (however... i'm still recovering from that horrendous dub so not this year)

5. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
I don't care that this movie is like... 3 hours long.
I love it
and it's 100% a christmas film.
it takes place about a week before christmas and it's just so good, and yeah the overall plot never touches on christmas but it is important.
Unfortunately i can't describe it anymore cause mentioning anything about it is a spoiler.
i will say it's best to watch the series before watching the movie, it's not really necessary but it's good for clearing up certain.... things.

6. Natsume Yuujinchou
a) it occasionally is winter in the show.... good enough.
b) i swear every 3 months or so i just need to rewatch this show and sometimes that falls over winter.

Okay thats all i can BS for 'christmas' anime... there are ones that fit the theme better but ask anyone and most of them are no good. (see Love Hina, school days) but i prefer to rewatch things i like... and i like all these titles so much.

What are your favourite shows to watch over christmas?


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    1. Aww thank you so much! it means a lot to me

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