Monday, 8 December 2014

The problem with Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

So, I am a girl... and i tend to like girly series (which i'm am just putting under the giant umbrella of Shoujo cause there are too many subsections to name)

Though i have found as i've grown up a lot of the series i liked in Highschool i cannot stand.

I have a feeling that if i had read this 10 years ago when i was in highschool i would have thought it cute and sweet.
However watching it now all i see is "how to spot an abusive boyfriend 101"
Now i am lucky, i have never had an abusive boyfriend... but i did have one that was showing signs of being controlling and I know a few people who have had abusive partners and seeing those traits glorified through a main character is a little unsettling.

If your boyfriend is comparing you to an object or animal or talks about possessing you that is not sweet or endearing, it's a sign to move on.
If your boyfriend gets so jealous when you simply acknowledge that other men exist in the world (examples: saying hello, trying to cheer them up) that they put you down in whatever manner available to them (examples: Throwing a kind gesture back in the persons face, calling names) then that is not being sweet and endearing and he is not just being a "Tsundere"... thats just him being an asshole.
If your boyfriend does things to mentally abuse you via teasing, name calling, getting your hopes up just to dash them or anything that could be considered mental abuse it is not sweet and endearing... it's abusive!

and the worst part is the main girl just takes it. "i can't help but love him" she says.
This girl has the personality of dry toast.
one time she does think "i am not an object" but instead of telling him that and walkign off on her own she just follows him cause he stopped her from being tricked by another mean guy who just wanted to get back at the main guy.

Normally in these types of series the main guy realizes what an asshole they are being and after losing the girl do their best to change their ways because being a controlling abusive asshole is a bad thing...
he's lost her a few times, changed nothing, gotten her back cause "she can't help but love him" and i'm sorry but no.
This should be the point where the friends stop being such enablers, realize that every waking moment of this girls day is consumed by pleasing her asshole boyfriend and try and help her get out of a situation that could get dangerous.

Instead the overall message seems to be "deal with the abuse cause deep down he really does like you he's just bad at showing it, maybe one day he'll stop being an asshole but until then just let him spew all his vitriol at you"

Yeah.... thats not a good message to send out to people.

Thats not the only problem though.
It is set up in the first episode that the main girl is a compulsive liar and does this in order to get friends... that how she ends up with the fake boyfriend to begin with....
well spoilers, after they start to actually date instead of fake date the Liar aspect of her character vanishes with no consequence....  and considering thats the only personality trait she was given (well that and being a saint for being able to take that amount of abuse with a smile) she just becomes this smiling puppet that goes to his every whim. She even seems to aspire to be more obedient since she figures that will make him like her more.
I'm sorry but no.
no no no no no.
that is not a healthy relationship.
there is some give and take and this asshole didn't even want to spend time with her on her birthday.
He doesn't want to do ANYTHING she wants to do even though she goes out of her way to do everything he wants. 
It just annoys me that this is never addressed as being negative traits... this is just how he is and everyone else should deal with him.

Still... currently only 10 episodes are out... there are two more.
i don't know if i'll watch them... i mean i probably will because i've made it this far... if i can finish amnesia i can finish this (this is nowhere near as bad or rage inducing as amnesia but it's still back enough i felt i needed to write something before it was over)

I don't know if i'll do my normal ramble like i do when i finish shows.... i may just take on other problems (or if it redeems itself) to this post so yeah... guess we'll see in two weeks.

For now i have some Sailor Moon Chibi's to finish and some Otomen manga to read.

Oh i should mention that it's not all bad, animation is decent and the intro and ending song are fun.
just.... yeah everything else needs more

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