Sunday, 21 December 2014

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

i'm going to not retread ground from my rant so you are welcome to read that here but now i'm going to try and talk about the show as a whole.

and if you don't wanna read my rant (i don't blame you it's long) the TL;dr: Abusive relationships are NEVER cute and glorifying one is pretty twisted.

So wolf girl and black prince is a Romantic comedy where the hook is a girl who lies about everything accidentally picks the most popular boy in school to be her fake boyfriend and magically he agrees to it.... on the condition that she will then be his dog.

Personally the "you are my slave" brand of shojo titles don't always bug me since most of the time the person is just bossy and not actually mentally and verbally abusive and they often end up getting put in their place by the halfway point. However when they are abusive boy does it remind me that some people have a really screwed up sense of what love is.

Though in most title in this vein the "Master" character always learned that their ways are horrible and change to be better people.
Kyoya NEVER changes
he is horrendous to her the entire 12 episodes.
he is calling her names, refusing to do anything she wants (expecting her to drop everything for him though), playing with her emotions and even deleting things off her phone or destroying her things cause it annoys him (despite her treasuring it) and we are supposed to thing this is cute because occasionally he shows himself to be a little caring (and a lot possessive).

And in the end the show just ends, no one has had any kind of character arc, Erika is still blander then dry toast (infact she gets worse over the course of the show since her solution to kyoya's verbal and mental abuse is to become more submissive as to not set him off[i couldn't make this shit up if i tried]) Kyoya is still an asshole (who now occasionally smiles... great... oh and he's willing to dig through trash with erika even though it's his fault she got in such a panicked mess about losing something)
Best friends gotten through lives added nothing to the plot, best friend who sees through the eyes gave nothing to the plot, womaniser boy gave nothing to the plot.

This show could not exist and nothing would be lost or gained... well at least there would be one less glorified abusive relationship out there.

is it all bad? no. The intro and ending song are fun.
thats about it.

is the show bad enough to get into my all time shows that make me rage?... maybe i'll have to think about it... top 10 for sure but not sure if it can crack top five with competition like School days, amnesia, SAO, k-on and free... hm... maybe it'll bump free cause free is harmless it's just the reason we got a run of crappy fanservice for girls shows (come on is plot really that hard to have with fanservice?)

but yeah, didn't like this show, will not ever reccomend, avoid at all cost... go watch Ao Haru Ride instead

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