Saturday, 13 December 2014

Dropped: World Trigger

This season has been odd... some of the titles i'm watching simply because there is nothing else and they had promise.
World trigger is one of those potential filled titles.... that just squanders it.

Essentially the plot is simply that there are alien-like beings from an alternate dimension that get called neighborhs... they go around wreaking havoc in the main dimension and border was developed to keep them at bay.
Kuga Yuma happens to be a neighbor but he looks just like a normal human (aside from the hair i guess) and he decides to go to school in the normal dimension and his dad told him he had a friend in border but he doesn't wanna join border cause he may just be seen as a bad guy so instead he destroys some bad neighbors and ends up giving this rookie ll the credit and the story goes from there.

So, standard story with fish out of water elements.
but even though thats the plot, thats not what the show is about.
The show is about = 3 =
and o_o
and -_-
btu mostly = 3 =
it's been 10 episodes.
nothing has really happened
i though that maybe cause it's got a lot of techno jargon BS and world building that it would just be a slow start but then something would progress the plot forward.
but most of this episode was two characters silently fishing.... with a tiny bit of plot at the end of "oh by the way there is meaning to this character being here"
you know what? no
nope i have stopped caring
you waste 15 mins of a show that is 18 mins long with a intro song halfway through the episode and then a 2-5 min recap of the techno jargon BS... and you have the gall in the final 1-3 minutes try to end on a cliffhanger? no.
No world trigger you don't get to pull that shit.
You are one of the worst rated anime this season. In a season where the sheer amount of shows that have no plot... only fanservice... somehow you are still considered the worst.
That takes skill.
That takes effort.
actually no, that takes Lazyness.
this show is so Lazy, the animation is terrible (though i may just not be a fan of Toei animation, it doesn't seem to improved much in the past two decades)
The exposition is lazy and repeated a minimum of twice and most times 3 or 4 times.
The rules feel extremely convenient. "oh by the way this is the way the world works" or "hey the world works this way, oh something showed up to reinforce that"
and in the end i just got too bored to actually watch it, and it's just too repetitive to be good BG noise.
I do like the intro song... or midshow song since most of the time it shows up around 7-10 min mark.

but you see all those characters in muted colours? yeah they are essentially the buisnessmen of border and the show spends an inordinate amount of time focusing on the internal politics.
Nope, don't care, shove 15+ characters in my face with no backstory and shady motives and expect me to be interested... it's not going to happen.

but still... i could deal with it cause it was interesting enough.
but blatant Cliffhanger Bullshit is apparently one of the fastest way for me to say i have better stuff to do with my time. at least the other episodes had stuff happen... stupid stuff but again, i forgive world building.
but nope, the show isn't ending any time soon and i am not wasting any more time.
too bad, it really could have been fun.

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