Thursday, 16 October 2014

Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

It's been a year since i saw this show and it was on sale so i got it (and a bunch of stuff) and i was a bit worried that i wouldn't like it as much now as i did last year.

out of everything i bought this was the only Dubless show which makes sense since a lot of the comedy is based on language so that would be pretty hard to translate.

but above all else i'm glad i watched this after watching special A.

Special A had one character who was the antagonist but should have been the main character. However making someone who is able to be just the worst kind of pessimist and who sais things that make him out to be the villain of a situation (either from being creepy or being mean) and still have that character be likeable is pretty hard.

SNAFU manages... i love Hikki... he's so grumpy all the time but he is perfectly willing to see the good in things or help out others (even if his view on things is more then a little twisted)
he's an ass because he figures no one else can say or do worse thing to him then he could say or do himself. however, despite his best efforts, he does make friends, he does have fun... in any other show Hikki would be the antagonist but here it works.

I also love that the popular kids aren't mean... at all, most are perfectly willing to talk to any other student... some have their heads up their ass and don't understand you can't always get what you want but none of them outright bully other students... now maybe this is rare but thats how highschool was for me... i'm sure some people were bullied but mostly everyone talked to everyone... you may not all be friends but everyone was nice enough to get through the 4 years. also ddn't have much of that clique stuff based on clubs cause everyone was in lots of clubs... a chunk of our football team was also part of band or drama. so seeing these characters act like humans and not be horrible constantly was really really nice.

i still hate the shows title... a year away from the show wont change that.

if you don't like seeing less happy ways of looking at the world you'll probably hate this show... lines like "i've never fought with anyone cause i've never been close enough to warrent it" or "you don't need to keep doing this out of pity" (when the actions were genuine and not out of pity hikki you jerk...)

but yeah... still quite enjoy the show, glad i watched it when i did.
i'll probably watch devil survivor 2 next.... i may do the dub... i may not... we'll see.

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