Friday, 31 October 2014

Devil Survivor 2 (anime)

First: Happy Halloween, i hope those who are celebrating are having a good time... it's supposed to snow here and i'm pretty sure i've been running a fever all day... so if i ramble... thats part of it.

second: i am weak and realizing i have a problem.

Originally i was going to watch the dub... which meant not watching Hiroshi Kamiya and Junichi Suwabe talk about demons and being friends...
so to tide myself over for not watching that i rewatched Natsume yuujinchou... (well and it was my birthday and i got no presents so it was my present to myself )
so after i finished that i put this in and put on the dub.....
and the dub was fine........... but not good enough to not listen to my fav voice actors.... so i switched it cause i was weak....

True story back in 2012 when this originally was being simulcast on Crunchyroll, it aired on a day where i had classes super late (i was crazy and would attempt to cram 3 classes a day (each class 3 hours) and instead of heading straight home i'd head to my friends house and we'd watch some anime (mostly natsume yuujinchou but whatever else we both hadn't seen) and when we started this show theres a bit right at the start where Hibiki sighs and this was litteraly the convo we had after i paused the video.

"dammit" i muttered.
"what's wrong Kat?" m friend asked.
"it's Hiroshi Kamiya" i said chuckling
"how can you tell he hasn't said anything..." she looks at me like him nuts.
"a hunch" i say as i unpause the video.
after he finally talks. "holy sh*t i think your right"
"told ya"

then later that same episode.
My friend then laughed. "hey it's matoba"
"it is?" i blinked.
"how can you tell it's hiroshi kamiya when all he does is sigh but can't tell junichi suwabe when he actually talks."

and it's a thing i still struggle with... but yeah... one day i'll be able to tell it's him without souble checking on MyAnimeList
but yeah... the show.

I love the Shin Megami Tensei universe..... but wow do i suck at these games... i will never beat Devil Survivor Overclocked... just too difficult.
so i never got DS2 but i was always curious about the story. then this show came along and while i'm sure some liberties were taken with story (he literally has Maziodyne in episode 2)  but it's just a great way of concisely telling the story (a really good story at that) in 13 episode without feeling rushed.

that being said if you don't like subject matters that could potentially be seen as more then a little sacrilegious then this show will not be for you but i always loved SMT's stories. so good and a lot darker then more JRPGs.

also Hibiki is adorable... he has a bunny hoodie... i want his hoodie.

anyways great show, i'm sure the sub is lovely i am just really really weak.... so weak... i probably need help... oh well.

in other news...
when i put in the Ys2 anime i got... there was a preview for Ys4 anime....
i need this... i need to add it to my growing pile of falcom anime. it's based on the first of the two original ys4 games but yeah... i want it... it looks so bad but i still want it.... want it so badly.
must own all the ys anime.

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