Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tales of Graces F: Lines and Lineage

Originally i was was just going to tack on the review of this at the end of my main game review... I had no idea this would be as long or in depth as it was.
My end time was around 55 hours... and i know 35-40 of that was the main game... so if i had to guess... it's a 10 hourish long extra game (if you don't do any side questst) up to maybe 20 if you do everything.
I did a fair chunk of exploring and side/special skits (and boy there are quite a few) but not everything... i'm not really a completionist.

So, in my main game review I mention that while i can't connect it to phantasia world wise it does feel a lot like a return to form.
Lines and lineage almost feels like an alternate version and i love that.
Again the lines between wright and wrong and good and evil are blurred.
again we have to deal with trusting things that not too long ago you were completely against... but this time theres an added layer.

Spoilers for main game i guess?

Anyways there is one thing that i felt went underplayed in the main game. Sophie is essentially immortal... she will live forever and the others will not and that pretty sad.
Unlike Phantasia this world doesn't have a half-elf or elf equivalent. Sophie will eventually be alone (in regards to her original travel companions) and that is extremely heartbreaking due to sophies child like nature.
and it's never explored.... until lines and lineage where it's the main theme.
I love it. It was handled so well and even though some of the skits dealing with the subject matter brought me to tears (not that it's difficult) it still had that note of hope.
If it were the only theme that would be enough... but we also have the theme that asbel has been changed by the events in the main game, he isn't the same person and he has to look at the world in a different way.

ok now we are getting into actual spoilers for main game... so if you haven't played that.... go play it, beat it, then play this (cause it just adds so much more to the characters and story and world) and then come back if you want.

About 3/4 of the way through the game a character absorbed Lambda and one of her eyes goes purple.
I had my "i knew it" moment since the cover of the game has asbel with two different colour eyes, one of them purple but so far they have both been blue.
but then i remembered something my friend who loved the game said.

"well i think it's neat that the main character is wall eyed, you don't get main characters with different coloured eyes in tales of games" i said as i looked at some art.
"what are you talking about?" he replied.

part of me knew he was joking cause it's all over the promo art and fanart... but still it bugged me. a character who has eyes change over the course of the game would be a memorable event...

now it was a good way to keep me waiting the entire game for this event to happen... since his eyes don't change till the very end... and you only get to play as new asbel in the post game. it adds a few new mechanics to the game as well so it really feels like a sequel more then just "heres some more to do after you beat the game!" but boy i hated waiting for it to happen and it just never did.

but yeah... i really enjoyed this... it easily became my second fav tales of game thanks to the post game content alone.
also the fact that Asbel's 'fandom' sword is based on phantasia and it's so pretty (i would have based it on the origin sword personally but i understand why they instead made it look like a sparkly tree)

Again... if you played graces f and didn't play the post game content... go put it back in you ps3 and play it, it's so good.
if you have yet to play graces f then you should probably do that to... the characters are kinda stupid at times but they are so animated and full of personality.
um.... i guess i may play some Xillia 2 while i wait for Hearts R to come out... though i have heard less then good things about Xillia 2... so who knows.

hell maybe i'll play Phantasia again.... love that game too much.

anyways thanks for reading, whats your fav tales of game and why?

also i have to stop saying "i'm almost done this game!" cause today i said it... thinking i was in the final dungeon and i technically was... but there are three chunks and they are huge and i was just in the first bit.... the last area feels like boss strong monsters just walking around... super scary but so fun. 

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