Thursday, 9 October 2014

Gargantia: on the Verdious Planet -Dub-

I had forgotten how much i really enjoyed this show.
I pretty much marathoned it by accident when the Bluray arrived.

Still backstory time.

When i ordered this i figured two things in my order wouldn't come out till the 7th of October... considering my birthday is a week later i thought "great, it'll arrive around my birthday and be a present to myself"
well... i ended up getting the entire package oct 6th so.... well it's still a present to myself at least.

still this wasn't supposed to come till later... not complaining though.

The second thing i wanna touch on is i had no idea that this would have a dub, it was an extremely pleasant surprise... I personally don't get the overall hate dubs get... yes some dubs are atrocious but some are fantastic.... this is one of those fantastic ones.
i'll talk more about it later but yeah... just putting it out there that i tend to like dubs and subs equally.

Ok so back in 2013 i started watching every show, no matter how much i didn't think i would like it, that crunchyroll simulcast since i figured i'm paying for the subscription anyways... and i may find some shows i wouldn't have watched otherwise.

This is 100% a show i wouldn't have tried on my own.
I do not like mech at all... it almost always goes into space an yeah... not a fan.
When i first saw this show the first 10 mins were hard to get through.
and then from there on it was just pure happiness.

but i don't wanna talk about the show, other then it's really really good and you should check it out if you can.
I wanna talk about the dub... and then i'll talk about a bit of the reaction to the show now that it's been out for over a year.

So, Gargantia's dub.... holy crap it's good.
There is not a voice out of place.
Matt Mercer as Chamber is just fantastic... that dead pan know it all yet somehow snarky robot without actually being snarky.... like... it's just so good. also considering almost every line starts with "query, hypothesis, Speculation" and he plays it straight it's just... i cannot rave more about how perfect chamber is.
Ledo slowly learning the language is so well done and according to MAL it's Alan Lee's first role? i woudl have guessed this guy was a veteran voice actor cause wow is he talented. i look forward to listening to more dubs with him in it.
Also Amy's Voice actress, Cassandra Lee Morris, also did Taiga in Torodora which she was also fantastic in...
and normally in a dub theres that one voice out of place but in this... no... i loved everyone... so good.
So yeah if you get the dvd or bluray give the english dub a chance i think you'll enjoy it.

Oh... and the Bluray/dvd release has two OVA episodes... one thats just cute and silly and one that shows another side of the story... the second one is worth the price of the series alone... so good.
It also has petite gargantia which i haven't watched yet but looks super cute.

Now putting that all aside i wanan talk about something i notices long after the show finished.
Most people i know didn't like it cause they felt the concept is so gradious and then it does nothin with it.
and to those people i ask... did you stop halfway through?
no seriously...
there is one episode smack dab in the middle where fanservice is heavily used. I tend to blast fanservice but this time... no.
Lets be real for a second here, Ledo has known nothing but war, he has never had an instant where he could think of another person as a romantic partner... for lack of a better term he has never experienced "Protoculture"
Amy's dance, while extremely fanservicy, is showing Ledo a new world and making him feel things he had never even imagined. I forgive the fanservice cause it actually has a larger point.
is it over the top? yes but is it nessicary? i think so.
and the show just gets so much better after that... which is why i think those who think the show squanders it's potential probably didn't stick with it.
that or maybe we just weren't watching the same show (mindset wise)

Oh oh oh, one more thing before i go try and get my voice back (i'm actually quite sick right now... but luckily typing doesn't involve any talking) I wanted tot talk about something that i have kind hinted at.

when i originally saw this show i didn't know if i liked it cause it reminded me of macross... it could be a telling of the Zentradi, pre-giantism, coming back to earth and dealing with culture shock, aka protoculture.
That is still the case and i do still make the connection..... HOWEVER the show completely 100% stands on it's own as a really fantastic story. i liked it cause it was good... not cause it reminded me of macross (which is one of the only other mech shows, pre captian earth, that i really really liked.)
but yeah... i really really love this show, i am so thankful to Viz for bringing it over and doing such a fantastic dub.

if you are still unsure Crunchyroll still has the Sub up on their site and it's really worth it... it's only 13 episodes but it's just to good.

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