Monday, 6 October 2014


Io Sakisaka strikes again~

I'll be honest... this film wasn't doing it for me... i had some issues with the way certain characters acted and while the overall concept was cute I could only see that situation being incredibly painful....
Then i finished the film... and yeah i quite liked it... it took a while to hook me but it did.

Can seeing a love one you lost in a tragic event help you heal? it's the question this 60 min long movie proposes. Kurumi has become reclusive since a plane crash killed her boyfriend Hal... it didn't help that the two fought just before it happened. Doctors think giving her a robot helper who looks like Hal will help her recover but it's not as easy as they had hoped.

it's a very sweet movie but again i think showing someone a robot version of their lost love one is just... cruel. this is my personal opinion though.

the movie is also a bit slow paced, i liked it still but it's not an action packed film by any stretch of the imagination.

The good:
Animation - thats the one nice thing about anime movies... so much care and attention is put into every little detail.. especially for the bluray version.
Last 20-10 minutes
The plot, yeah it takes a while to get good but it really gets good.

The not so good:
theres a character who comes around that could have used a bit more explaining... especially for his actions near the end... it just feels like a bit of a plot point that was going somewhere and then decided it didn't want to.

The confusing:
the film feels very quiet... not a whole lot of music which is a bit surprising.

but yeah it's a good movie it just took a while to get going... not that there is anything wrong with that... and i get my bias is what puts me on edge with this specific subject matter. but yeah very sweet movie... even if it's so short

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