Thursday, 2 January 2014

Year end Top 10: Music

Last year i limited myself to one song per 'thing'
yeah.... *crumples that up* screw that... my list my rules
and yes it's cause i can't pick one song from a 'certain' game... i just can't... so i won't.
I will avoid repeats from last year
Also i have very strange taste in music, so if you don't like one (or any) of the songs here... remember that i'm the strange one.

To avoid this being a purely JDK Falcom Sound Team list...
here are some honorable mentions.

Trails in the sky - From Legend of Heroes: trails in the sky (FC)
 Fun Fact: while i love most of what JDK does i do tend to prefer the music they make for Ys compaired to the music they make for the lengend of heroes and it's spinoffs.
they both are really well done... just LOH tends to sound more like a normal RPG while Ys tends to be more... epic? it's hard to describe... still i love this song but considering all the JDK i want to put up here it was one of the easier ones to cut

This is Berk - How to Train Your Dragon
There are few films where my immediate reaction is "need Soundtrack now"
How to train your dragons is one of those special few... it's just so damn pretty... and great music to draw to... it's just uplifting. But when it comes down to it... couldn't quite fit it into my top ten... still really nice.
And yes i do look forward to the sequel... though i'm not keeping my hopes up (cause going in with no expectations is the best way to end up enjoying something)

Voices - Macross Plus.
The ONLY reason this isn't in the top ten is cause it's very very old... but dammit this song is important to me, i had hummed the tune my entire life only to find out a few years ago it was from this. I adore this song, my town tune in animal crossing is the start of this song... i will belt this song as loud as i can when it randomly plays from my music player....
but yeah... it is old and... i figured i could keep the newer stuff on the list.

OK... onto the real list.

10. The Whereabouts of Light - Legend of heroes: Trails in the sky
While i mentioned before that i tend to prefer Ys music overall when it comes to JDK... the opposite is true of the songs with actual lyrics... i don't think theres a single super arrange or vocal song from Ys i will listen to on purpose... if it comes on i don't mind but i do not seek them out.
Whereabouts of light, especially considering where it's placed in the game is kinda heartbreaking and that sense of melancholy while still being hopeful really comes across.
i just love this song... and is part of the reason i took out the no duplicates thing... and yeah... theres a lot of JDK.... i'm not sorry.

9. The Red Locus - Radiant Historia
oh boy... this song reminds me that my top ten games list is gunna be difficult... oh well you may think "boy this sounds like something from kingdom hearts" well... kinda... same composer so the entire game has these moments where it feels like KH music... still i love it, another moment where i NEEDED to own the soundtrack... which was more expensive then the game (only by like... 10 bucks but still) so yeah... great sountrack.

8. kimi ga yobu namae~ mou ichido dake - Natsume's book of friends
This song, it makes me really happy and at the same time a little sad... i love it. it's just so pretty, my only complaint is i wish it were longer.  but yeah my favorite instrumental song from this show without a doubt.

7. Hollow Light of the Sealed World - Legend of Heroes: trails in the sky
so it's the final boss
and this plays
and i put down the PSP and just let it sit for a while.
this song just so perfectly encapsulates that moment of taking down an impossible foe. This was going to be up in the honourable mentions but nope... couldn't do it... i like this song too much.
also yeah... still lots of Jdk on this list.

6. Chop!! - Ys 3: Oath in Felghana
that... Piano *makes incomprehensible noises* i'm not even a big fan of pianos but this one just is so well done... it's been a while so i think this is definitely a boss theme... but maybe not the final boss? i wanna say chester but then part of me goes "what about the boy who had wings?" so yeah...  i just love this song.

5. Zeotrope - Amnesia
Yes... i absolutely abhor this show, the mere sight of it makes me want to punch a wall.
But this intro song.... it's really good... every time i hear it all i can think is why is it attached to such a terrible show?! it's so good... and the full version has this great build and... and.... WHY does it have to be for THIS show.... ugh.
makes me very angry.... but it's not the first time i've liked the intro song to a show i hate *cough Sword Art Cough*

4. Wareta Ringo - Shin Sekai Yori (from the new world)
Part of what makes this song truly lovely is the art they use in the ending itself... i couldn't find that version... so go over to crunchyroll and watch an episode to see what i mean... it's the ending so just skip ahead.
the full version is even prettier and again has this great sense of build that almost always tends to make me smile.

oh great.... now things get difficult

3. Prelude to truth - Ys Memories in Celceta
it wont let me have the little video player for this one so....Here's the song
the worst part about this song is that after a certain event the music is different for that area... and this song is one of the shorter ones... i'd love a 5 hour loop of it~ just so pretty and part of why i took out the no duplicates thing... i couldn't pick between this and another song...
and now i'm finding i can't pick between that song and another song....

2. Que Sera Sera - fhana (also seen spelled thana)
*sobs* this was going to be number 1... but NOOOOO.... i had to listen to the other song and be all "dammit i can't make that number 2" so yeah.... this song was another 'shut up and take my money' moments but finding it was not easy... i almost gave up when FINALLY i found a way to buy it... another song (in fact all the songs with lyrics on this list) that i sing loudly when other aren't around to hear my awful singing. i can't even begin to describe how happy this song makes me. I could (and have) listened to it on repeat for hours and still never get sick of it....
and the same is true for number one
I tried really hard
i know this next one is just this years equivalent of lost harmony among people... but in the end... i'm not sorry.

1. Ancient Lore - Ys Memories in Celceta
also just cause i wanna say it... i have seen the title of this song be "Ancient Legend" and "Ancient Land"... i call i Ancient Lore cause when i bought the Soundtrack thats what it called it... but all three are technicalyl correct.
so.. uh... yeah... who am i kidding
i knew this was going to be number one
i tried really hard to make sure it wasn't but i failed miserably.
but i mean... even it's old versions are pretty
and i mean
so yeah.... i bought the entire soundtrack thanks to this one song... it's just so pretty... i randomly force people to listen to it.... i adore this song. i can't think of any other way to say it... i guess once again i'm just a JDK Falcom Sound Team fangirl. *sighs*

next i think i'll do top ten games i beat this year... though i'm not sure if i even have ten titles. guess we'll see

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