Friday, 10 January 2014

Completed: White Album 2

This show has been finished a while but the latter half started to really drag and i feel behind and i'm just finishing it now.

and... uh... well the last episode was unsurprisingly heavily censored... like the first few mins is pretty much just a black screen with occasional close ups on eyes.

In the past i have mentioned that if i dislike the characters it completely sours the experience so keep that in mind.
Also i will be spoiling things cause i can't talk about where the show goes horribly wrong without spoilers.

So, the story is about a boy who is learning to play the guitar in his light music club, The mysterious person in the neighboring room who plays along with him (and also she sits beside him in class but we find that out later) and a girl who starts singing with them on the roof.
they find each other and decide to work their ass off to be ready in time for the culture festival.
if the show had ended after the culture festival i would have absolutely no issues with this show.
unfortunately thats only half the story... the other half is the standard H-game plot line of they both love the main character and omg poor dude is so tormented cause he likes both of them but which one does he love?

Normally i don't mind these types of storylines, but the way this show goes about dealing with it makes most of the characters unlikeable assholes.

So spoilers now...
The singer ends up asking the main guy out and they are super lovey dovey and the Pianist (who arguably always had more chemestry with him but was very tsundere) starts distancing herself from them cause it's hard seeing someone you like all over a friend you care about.

this is proceeded by main guy being mopey cause pianist is ignoring him and avoiding him and he obvious has strong feelings about her but the singer obviously likes him so no reason to ruin that relationship cause in his eyes the pianist hates him.

but then (surprise surprise) the pianist actually loved him all along.

and then everything goes to shit.
The main guy then completely ignores his current girlfriend (who had he simply broken up with her at this point i would have been you're a jerk but it's better to cut someone off them pull their heart along on a string.) skips out on her brithday to find the pianist, kisses the pianist (who is rightfully pissed off that he is essentially cheating on her friend) and after they run off and avoid each other some more she goes for one last look before flying abroad and then they have sex.

again, he is still going out with the other girl. had he just stopped his relationship with the other girl this would not have bugged me as much (other then the obvious he's just going for what seems to be the simplest) but he is cheating at this point and thats really shitty.

then, after his girlfriend kinda sorta catches him and lets him explain everything she forgives him because in the end it was her being selfish... she didn't really like him that much she just didn't wanna be the third wheel. but surprise thats a lie and she's really hurting but as long as main guy doesn't know it it's okay.
then it ends... everyone is sad and heartbroken and i don't give a shit.

so much could have been fixed with a simple "i'm sorry i don't think this is working out" line... it wouldn't have been perfect but it would have given the character a redeeming quality.

I just don't like stories where cheating is glorified... had their been some kind of repercussion... had he had to pay for his actions in any way... this all would have been okay (or at least a little better then it ended up being)... but in the end the only people who are in pain from this are the girls cause their friendship probably wont survive... and he's just like "damn she's gone now, thank goodness i have my ex grilfriend here to console my sad broken little heart"

still.. it's not all bad.

The good:
Music is well done, characters are standard dating sim looking characters but the world is animated quite well. also the first half of the story is fairly cute

The bad:
everything else i already mentions... i wish it had pulled this stunt earlier so i could have dropped it but no... it waited till the last two episodes.

i have been told the first white album is much worse, the guy is a complete slut and just sleeps with everyone.... reminds me a bit too much of school days and yeah... i'll just have to avoid anything thats an adaptation from this company....

for now though i have to go back to giving every show this season a shot... and wow is there a lot of crap this season. (granted there have been a few gems so yay)


  1. Heck, it almost seems as bad as School Days XD Oh well, now I know for certain that it isn't worth the time spent to watch it, so thank you for the advise! :P

    1. I dunno, school days to this day give me a pit of rage in my stomach, this was just dumb and pointless... but yeah don't waste your time on it... so many better shows out there.