Friday, 3 January 2014

Year end Top 10: Games

This list will only contain games i finished this year
there wont be a top ten bad games cause the worst game i played was Rhythm Theif... the other two dropped titles were dropped due to difficulty or language barriers

Honourable Mention:  Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. 
this is a very good game.... but.... it's also the game that made me finally realize i'm not a fan of playing Zelda games... i'm grateful that i learned something about myself... even if it's an unpopular opinion... still i'm happy i played it and it wasn't too long so i don't begrudge it the time it took to beat it... and i did really enjoy the story.

10. Ys 1&2 Chronicles +
the first time i had heard of or played an Ys game was the DS versions of Ys 1&2
they were pretty terrible... and left a bad taste in my mouth.... so these two games (moreso 1 then 2) have never been my favorite.
so when my friend told me i really should try the proper version of the game i knuckled under and yeah it was a lot better....
BUT.... i still am not a big fan of 1... and cause i wanna group these two together thats why they are so low on the list....
fun fact: either Ys 1 or Ys 6 are my least favs... though i change my mind on almost a daily basis.

9. Pokemon X
I really love this game but in the end it is just a slightly updated pokemon game so i can't really jutify it being higher on the list... it's good but i still think Soul Silver is my favorite.

8. Gravity Rush
This game is a great way to show the capabilities of the Vita though there were moments i felt where it was just a glorified tech demo. Still other then the combat i had a lot of fun with this game and i do look forward to the sequel... still i played a lot of games i would consider all time favs so thats why it's this low on the list.

7. Tell Tale's Walking Dead
this game would be higher if i could mess with the controls a bit... it's really good and i love the story it tells but again...  there are just too many games i played this year that i would consider my all time favs.

6. Fire Emblem Awakening
Why did i play this on the mode where characters actually die? it was just added stress.... still the story was a lot of fun.... granted i did have to play the last chapter with only 2 or three characters (not cause i'm cool like that but because everyone else just got killed immediately) i did manage to beat the game without losign anyone but yeah... not the easiest game in the world... still a lot of fun and a great addition to the series.

5. Virtues Last Reward
this game would have been a little higher if not for a game breaking/save destroying glitch that made me very very afraid... also it was a little predictable.... other then that one plot twist they outright mention that i didn't even notice.... still i look forward to zero escape 3 whenever that happens and this is a really good game... but get the Vita version.. .cause it's not broken (and nintendo doens't care enough to patch VLR)

4. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
it's been so long since the last localized Ace Attorney game... it made me smile from ear to ear...
the DLC chapter is a bit... odd... and expensive... but still a great game with really pretty music....
something it shares with my top two picks.

3. Persona 4 Golden
If there was ever a game that came so close to being perfect... it would probably be this one. Between the characters, the music, the style and the gameplay i can't think of a better way to spend the 60-100 hours that this game provides. It made me laugh and cry multiple times and despite it's length it even has a little replay value. (though probably not replaying it... just too much)
The only reason it's not higher is that I can't think of putting my number 2 pick any lower... and i think we all know what my number 1 is...
but seriously one of the best games ever and if you own a Vita and you like RPGs then you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.

2. Radiant Historia. 
Great Story, Great Gameplay, Great Art and above all Great Music... not to mention the use of split timelines is probably the best i have ever seen
better then 999.... better then VLR....
if i hadn't so thoroughly beaten this game i would love to play it again... but unfortunately i kinda did everything... and there's not much replay value....
still this is a game where if you have a 3ds or DS you owe it to yourself to give a shot.

and my number 1 which will be a surprise to no one

1. Ys 4 Memories in Celceta. 
I knew this was my number 1
anyone who has read anything i've written about Ys knew this was my number one...
probably most obvious number 1 ever.
i went in not expecting much (cause i try not to expect anything so that my opinion can only go up) and i came out the other side feeling great.
it's just so much fun
the characters are all great
the story is really well done
the music is amazing
the memory system was super cute and i just wanna cuddle little Adol...
i can't think of anything i dislike about this game
okay other then in new game plus i can't skip tutorials... that's a bit annoying.
but otherwise to me this is as close to a perfect game as it gets.
i am happy that this is the reason i bought a vita.

i may do a year end wrap up just to talk about some things that didn't make it on to any lists.
but for now, i'm just lookign forward to what 2014 brings.

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