Saturday, 18 January 2014

Completed: Iron Man 3

I didn't really care for it.
Granted... i am currently in a lot of pain as my back for no reason decided to seize up on me so yeah... i'm a little negative.

but in my pain riddled state i just felt it was kinda dull.
Everything was brought up and resolved with such ease.
there was no plot twist you didn't see coming from a mile away.
and the ending was really dumb.
it should have been called "one liners 3"... sure they all could be called that but this felt like it was trying really really hard.

granted some moments were funny... but never engaging.

But again, i'm more then a little biased since i'm just hoping the pain killers kick in soon and i can stop crying out in pain every time i move a little.

I want to say i like the first two... and i mean... i remember the first one being really fun.... but i don't remember a damn thing from either of them EXCEPT the robot that keeps screwing up.
everything else is a bit of a haze so yeah... i guess i didn't like it that much.

but yeah... iron man three isn't bad... it's just really dull... i'm sad to hear that RDJ isn't doing the roll anymore but honestly i get it.... i'm sure he had his fun but 4 films as one character can be taxing and everyone wants to try new things. He and the rest of the cast did a wonderful job as actors... but something is lacking and i'm not sure if it's the script or the directing but it just felt like it needed something to make it more cohesive.

i could probably be more insightful then that but no... too much pain...


  1. I watched only the first movie of Iron Man, I only heard bad things about 2 and 3, and you're no exception :P I mean, apparentely they're not THAT bad, it's just that there are a lot of things that deserve to be seen more than those.
    Anyway, I'm sorry to read about your back pain, even more so if it came out of the blue :/ I hope you'll get well soon!

    1. The problem with the second and third film is that they are not as good as the first so there's all this expectation and it just falls flat. Are they terrible? no... I have seen much worse. Are they worth watching? not really unless you really love the series.
      I think maybe if Marvel had taken more time to make the script (i think it was like 2-3 years between films which just... i can't comprehend how they did it so fast) we would have gotten a better series but yeah... just stick to the first, and i guess to avengers which while i didn't like it as much as everyone else it was still pretty fun.

      and the pain should go away soon... i hope.