Sunday, 24 June 2012

First Impression: Pokemon Conquest

Aka: Pokemon Nobunaga's ambition.... which is a much better titled but i understand why it was changed.

so.... this game... from what i understand it's kind of a spin off/cross over between Pokemon and Nobunaga's ambition. It is like no other pokemon game i have ever played.
no pokeballs
no eye contact pokemon battles.
hell players can only use one pokemon at a time and there is no switching.
however there is still the 'six to a battle' limit... so i guess thast the same.

The good:
It plays kind of like a mix of Final fantasy tactics advanced and Disgaea... it's a grid based turn based strategy rpg where the pokemon have very specific attack ranges and if an ally is in the line of damage they will get hurt as well. so if you like GBTBSTRPGs.... wow thats too long... ok.... anyways if you like those types of games then you'll probably enjoy this one... also I personally really love the art style in it...
It's also nice to see the pokemon games branch out... next they should try action based pokemon stadium style where you can physically dodge or guard and have certain attacks mapped to the four face buttons A la Ys: Seven... thats right i refference a Falcom game... deal with it. and i know the pokemon games have been trying new things with rumble blast and mystery dungeon and Ranger but i haven't played any of those so i have no opinion on them. But yeah i'm happy that we aren't constantly just getting the same game with more little creatures... it is fun but it can get boring eventually.
The fact that this was brought to north america is amazing... the game is EXTREMELY Japanese and the translation didn't try to mask that at all... all the characters have japanese names and they haven't been changed to "jim" or "steve" however someone obviously felt that kids would be able to handle this (or they figured out that a chunck there fans have been around probably since the 90s and figure they watch other anime and can handle most of the Japanese references.)so yeah that made me happy.
finaly so far the battle system is pretty good... it's annoying when you can't move a pokemon into a position to attack but thats true of every GBTBSTRPG.

however i do take some serious issues with this game

The not so good:
time management system.... kinda.... see each warrior is only able to do 1 thing a month... at the beginning this sucks cause you want to conquer lands and train your team and acquire more party members asap but you have to move to the next month to do it... granted month is just a fancy term for 'turn' and once you get a substantial army... this doesn't sting as much but it's still annoying.

Party system needed to be streamlined... I like how you have certain people in certain castles but when your trying to get a party of 6 so you can march and conquer more land... you have to individually look for them... call them over to your land or a land that connects to one your attacking and then pick the ones your sending out... why couldn't this just be a list of "who do you want to fight, you check off you list and then go into battle... there's no penalty for moving you characters all over the place so i fail to see why that one thing is needlessly time consuming

this is petty but... this is a DS game that states "playble on 3ds with 2d gameplay" yeah.... like every other ds game....
now i looked to see if there were more featured on the 3ds version like there are in pokemon black and white but so far i haven't seen any... so who knows.... but for now i just think it;s a silly thing to mention.

still i'm not terribly far in right now so i hope the it gets even better... i say give the game a try at least especially if you like this type of game.

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