Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Completed: Remnant (a Dragonswarm Short Story) by Aaron Pogue

When he says short.... he means Short.... the estimated page length is 19 pages (cause it's on kindle and you can change font size the estimate is the best i can give you)

It was pretty good, not my favorite short story of his only because it feels more like a prologue or a teaser then a short story but it's still well written and you get a sense of the characters as well as you look forward to whats going to happen next... plus it's only 99 cents which isn't too bad.

so yeah if you have read the two books of the Dragon prince trilogy that are out give this one a read as well... (and if you haven't read them.... go read them.... really good fantasy series.) the third book is supposed to release this month so that's exciting.

and yeah i can't say much of the plot cause it's so short so all I'll say is it's about a man with a mission in a world where everyone would rather knuckle under.

http://aaronpogue.com is the authors blog so go check that out. He releases books really fast so if you enjoy fantasy or sci-fi you should check him out.

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