Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Completed: Snow White and the Huntsman

so.... there's pretty much nothing in theaters at the moment... at least what is considered good i have already seen.

So yeah.... This film is hard to categorize... it isn't very good... i'd say it's bad but I have seen way worse.... it's annoying cause it's almost like there could have been a good movie but it just... wasn't.

Unfortunately it's hard to watch because.... and i know this is unfair so i'm just going to mention it here. It's tricky to separate the fact that the main characters are played by Bella and Thor... it felt at times like an odd crossover between the two and yeah... i know it's not fair but the film didn't give me much else to focus on.

That being said it is fairly 'pretty' but.... it's long... and easily could have been 30 mins shorter.... half of the artsy stuff feels like it was just made for the trailer... also i think someone just wanted to coat Charlize Theron in as much stuff as possible.... watch the film and you'll see what i mean.

HOWEVER.... who cares if something looks nice with a decent score.... how was the writing? the acting?

well...... most of the film is blatant exposition, shit comes out of nowhere and leaves just as fast (troll? dear thing from princess mononoke... i'll even throw the faeries into this category) and the dialogue is just not engaging.... it feels like actors reading off a script instead of people actually saying these lines... the only interesting character is the queen and she gets a fair amount of screen time but no they have to focus on snow white and her 'love' triangle?

But on the way home the friend i saw this with figured out how to make this movie better.... Go all Wicked on it and focus on the character whom we see as the badguy.... maybe they have reasons for why they act that way... i mean no one goes "i am evil so i will do evil things"... and like i said what little backstory we are given is interesting and you have this dynamic of a woman who is trying to assert her power in a male driven society by using her beauty but then kind of cursing herself for being that way but being unwilling to give it up for fear of growing old and weak and dying.

but no.... in this she just is evil for the sake of evil... she sees a flower growing? she plucks it and turns it to ash, a man and his daughter seem to truly love her.... she takes over the thrown and locks the girl away in a tower... it's just her actions don't make sense... why not act all good then spirit away the pretty girls in the night to keep your beauty strong? why not make the girl love you so that the betrayal has more emotion attached.

also this film borrows from a lot.... I felt like I was watching an odd mix of legend, princess mononoke, star wars and stardust... it's hard to describe but you'll probably see it if you watch the film.

final nit pick.... Kristen Stewart never seems to close her mouth... i don't mean she talks a lot she just leaves her mouth hanging half open.... it's just odd and looks uncomfortable and i found it a little distracting.

oh and the CG looks REALLY bad.... but that would have been forgiven had the film been better...

The friend i saw it with Peach had this to Add Via tumblr

We found….

Lord of the rings.

Harry Potter (for there were dementors…)

She has symptoms like trecker jeggers stings in The Hunger Games.

How to Train Your Dragon. (Disney Princess’s special abilities to befriended animals does not exclude trolls)

There were Princess Mononoke elements in it……..(which was actually unrelated…)

Star Dust

and to be in the trend with everything that came out this year. A very skilled Bowman.
I’m not saying they copied anything, but….um..borrowed? or too heavily inspired.

Kristen looks WAYYY better with her hair in a pony tail.

Their approach to the queen was very interesting, but they didn’t go anywhere with it. They should’ve just made her the main character.

The interpretation and how it’s not just about the princess and her prince is cool.

The apple scene were pretty damn neat and made so much more sense than what it would have been had they followed the original story.

Why is it that the ending credit is pretty much identical to Avengers….

Thanks again Peach. 

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