Monday, 25 June 2012

Completed: The Dragonprince's Heir (The Dragonprince Trilogy #3)

This is a review of a Advance readers copy of Aaron Pogues Dragonprince Trilogy, some details could have changed between the time i was given this and the final version of the book.

hm... i think i'll start with an anectdote.

About a month ago I was on my twitter account and i noticed @AaronPogue Started a Kickstarter Campaign... it was an interesting idea which i have mentioned i'm not sure if it would be good or bad for the industry but i was curious to see how it could all pan out so I donated. Well apparently there was an announcement that stated "if you donate by a certain time you get an Advanced copy of the book" I had no idea and it was just a nice surprise.

However~ I received my ARC the day of My convocation... So that took time out of reading.... then the next day i had to do a bunch of stuff to join the Union and it ended up taking all day.... saturday i spent with friends i hadn't seen in a few months, Sunday was spent preparing for the job and getting my kit together, Monday was dentist appointment and seeing college friends i hadn't seen in a while and finally tuesday i started my 12 hour days 5 -7 day a week job.... (hurray for the this industry and it's crazy long hours~)

the point is i had NO time... fast forward to a few days ago and me frantically remembering that June 26 is this Tuesday and the point of an advanced readers copy is to read it in Advance so i locked myself away and enjoyed the book with my music blaring.

So what did i think? AKA the review part of the Review

well needless to say like all of Aaron Pogues novels i enjoyed it, the writing is good the characters are interesting and the magic system is just so innovative...

However... It did take me a while to get into this one for a few reasons.

1 - New main character + 15 year time skip
This effectively leaves you trying to figure out what happened to Daven.... which is the point but still it was a bit of a surprise and simply took me off guard.... i did get used to the new character pretty quickly though so this is a minor issue.

2 - I was trying to read it like it's the third part of a trilogy.... which it is technically but it feels more like a stand alone Novel in the same world and connected to the main series... the second I started reading it as if it were stand alone i enjoyed it more. I have no idea why i feel that way or why it changed my opinion of the book but it did.  It still concludes the story in an interesting way that ties up all the loose ends so that's all that really matters.

So once i got past those things i loved it.... sure the subtitle should be "just when you think it can't get any worse" Everything this child does just makes the situation worse... and worse.... and i just loved it, i love that he has to go through so much to get to the end of it all.

There were lots of surprises and it was great seeing old characters but 15 years older and wiser so yeah... i really enjoyed this book, I hope even more stories are written in this world cause it really is interesting with its idea of balance and magic.

i don't dare say anymore for risk of spoilers so all i can say is go buy the book once it's out (June 26th) if you are a lover of fantasy... You should also read the other two dragons prince books so you can get the entire story.... and if you like sci-fi or copdramas his Ghost targets series is a mix of both. I believe all of his books are on E-readers for reasonable prices (last time i checked anywhere from .99 cents to 5 bucks)

Also if yo hate waiting for new installments this author is perfect, he releases a new book or novella every few months... i'll be amazed if this pace keeps up but for now i'm so happy and i look forward to his next book slated for release which i believe is part of the Ghost targets series which is the first sci-fi series i have enjoyed.

and now i think i have run out of things to say....

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