Thursday, 28 June 2012

Completed: Kids on the Slope

Aka Sakamichi no Apollon.

Hm... where to start...

1. This is my fav show this season, i'm a huge fan of slice of life especially when it focuses more on life and less on romance... This show focuses on two unlikely friends who end up playing jazz together in their highschool years. It deals with the good, the bad and the conflicting... it shows people in a day to day situation where sometimes shit hits the fan and they may or may not do the best thing in that situation. It doesn't feel like "and now they do thing since it advances the plot" it's just "and then this happens because life is unexpected."

2. The animetion is really good, i will be honest that i don't like how the shadows are all fuzzy and really grey but otherwise the animation is fluid and almost looks like it's semi-rotoscoped. i love the character designs i love that not ever character is a gorgeous hunk but they all look quite nice... overall the show just looks so good.

3. The music.... both a blessing and a curse.... it is so well done, the songs that they jazzify (someday my prince will come, my favorite things) are done so well... and i don't even like jazz most of the time. HOWEVER this show will probably never get to be licensed thanks to it's amazing music. No company would want to willingly license it wen they know they have to license all the other songs since i don't think any were public domain... though maybe since they changed it they fall into a loophole? not entirely sure.... still the music is good... especially the intro song... maybe i just love seeing the cast so happy to be playing music...

so yeah... to say the least i love this show, it is all up on crunchyroll so go watch it right now and i promise you wont be disappointed.
just.... don't do what i did and watch the last few episodes at work on your lunch break... cause there may be tears... just a warning.

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