Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Completed: Auric and the Wolf

(An Auric's Valiants short story) by Aaron Pogue

Gotta love these short stories, they are quick and interesting and well help tide me over till the 26th when Dragonprince's Heir is released.

This one is longer then the last short story I read by Aaron Pogue and it deal with The world of Auric. A while back I read Notes from a thief and was intrigued by this world he's setting up... this book did not disappoint at all. 

again due to it's length I can't say much without spoilers so all i'll say is Auric and the Wolf is about a boy who has read too many stories with heroes in them.
yeah i think that about covers it...
I think i like this one more then the last because even though it still feels like a bit of a prologue (granted it would be a rather long prologue) in the end you aren't left hanging. It has a definite 'end' while still showing that this is the start of the person Auric will become and i like that.

At the end he talks about his kickstarter campaign about getting enough money to release his book as public domain right off the bat. I did back him way at the start when he posted it but still i'm left curious.
Essentially he states that he wants to have people be able to draw fanart or write fanfiction with no repercussion (there is more to it then that but that is the jist of it). He wants art to be more free because right now what you can and can't do is pretty limited thanks to copyright.

I honestly can't say if i agree or disagree with this idea.... but i backed it because i'm curious. As an artist i have to so i'd be more then a little irked if someone took the base of my idea and started making money of it.... probably because at this current point in time i do not make a lot of money off my art.... but it's still an interesting idea and i'm curious to see if/how it could all work out, also how would it change things?oh and I guess a copy of the three dragon prince books all signed sounds kinda nice...

so yeah... go read Auric and the Wolf, Notes from a Thief, the Dragon prince books and Ghost Targets... if you like fantasy or sci-fi of course.... All of his books are on Ebook readers for decent prices. is his blog, go check it out.

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