Saturday, 20 June 2015

Seraph of the End - Season 1

. . . No
No no no no no no no no
No i wasn't mentally prepared for the season to be over.

I mean i knew it would be two seasons but i thought one would just roll into the next...

I am not okay with it... i mean short of reading ahead in the manga i have no choice but... I really wanted more.


Seraph of the End (aka Oawri no Seraph) is like a mix of Aldnoah Zero and Blue exorcist with a dash of attack on titan. And i'm not just sayign that cause they all have the same composer (but i guess that kind of helps)
The World was quite literally wiped out by a plague that killed anyone over 13 years old. Vampires seemed to be immune and went around gather the leftover children to essentially be Livestock for them.
Yu and Mika, a Pair of Orphans from before the world went to hell want to get the remnants of their family out of the vampire feeding facility and spend their last remaining years together in freedom.
Yu, a brash boy with Black hair tries to di this with force and gets his ass kicked more often then not.
Mika a kind hearted boy with blond hair tries to trick the vampires and manages to get a map and a gun so they try to make their escape.

It doesn't go according to plan.

Mika and Yu end up getting split up where they both wonder if the other could have survived. As they get older they each join a group in the hopes of saving and/or avenging their fallen family. However this choice has put two friends as potential mortal enemies.  however their goal seems unchanged. No matter what they will save each other from those who would try to use them.

oh and there are these giant vampire things called the horsemen of John so thats why i say there is a dash of AoT... well that and fighting in small squads though Blue exorcist has that as well.

Anyways I am leaving out a lot of key details because very early on there are a lot of things i would qualify as spoilers... hell the intro song even spoils something (that was obviously going to happen but would have been way more affective had they just shown it) and i kind of wish they pulled a madoka and refused to have intro or ending songs till ep 4 (that being said the intro and ending songs are so pretty)

The best part about this show? I was expecting to hate it.
I don't like vampires, they are overused and overpowered... still i gave damn near everything a fair chance this season (hell this isn't even the show i'm most surprised about enjoying) And i'm so glad i gave it a chance.
once i heard the music i knew i was going to adore this show.
the art is lovely, some of the prettiest BG work this season.
Some of the CG is a bit much but even that was really well used.
The first episode made me cry... Even Natsume Yuujinchou waited till episode 2 to do that to me.
I made the mistake of watching it at work over my lunch break two weeks ago and it took everything in my power not to squeak and everything happening... i failed... i even kind of put my head on the desk after and just sat there laughing so i wouldn't cry...
My boss asked if i was okay.... i replied cliffhangers suck and she seemed to understand... she still thinks i'm nuts but thats ok...

So yeah i really liked this show... and the fact that i have to wait till october?! NO
I don't even care that it's my birthday month.... NO NONONONO
I am terrible at waiting.

Oh well

Oh one funny thing.
This show tripped up my voice recognition thing so much.
Ferid speaks, "that sounds like a higher pitched Natori..... oh it's not? what?!"
Guren speaks "that really sounds like Kyon.... it's the guy who plays okazaki from clannad? WTF"
so yeah... part of me thinks MAL is wrong but i'll trust it... for now.

The good:
Music, i will find the soundtrack nad purchase it ASAP... so pretty
Animation, it's simplistic at first with fairly thick lines but it's nice and Fluid
Story, there is a character i would like more focus on but i'm glad they didn't... i'm sure next season.
Character, I love them all and they are all so different from each other it's just a lot of fun.

The Bad:
OCTOBER.... it's so far..... only 12 episodes then a 3+ month wait *rolls around like a whiny baby*
Other then that i have nothing.

Everything is on point... is it my fav this season?... it's up there... unless another "too good to have such a stupid title" show ends up blowing it next week then it may be my fav
So yeah... glad i watched it... glad i made my friends watch it... I would suggest watching it if you have the chance. it's on Funimation (i do think they have 2 more weeks before it's completely free though)

Um... pretty much everything i am watchign ends this or next weekend.... so yeah there may be a lot of these at once.
Sorry but not really (well okay a little sorry... i am watching A LOT this season)

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