Saturday, 13 June 2015

here we go again

Someone should really stop me from doing these.

So... I like The Haruhi Suzumiya series.
i have read all the novels, i adore the show... disappearance is probably one of my all time fav movies...
i really really love it.
I love ti so much that i'm actually finding it hard to enjoy the Alternate Universe that focuses on Yuki cause ti takes away EVERYTHING good about the original series and turns it into a boring misunderstanding driven rom com.

but i'm not here to talk about that.

that comes in a few weeks when the show ends (assuming it's 1 cour.... and if it gets 2 cours i may automatically hate it for reasons)

anyways i was on tumblr and i saw this
Kyon's Intro Monologue

“Okay. Asking somebody how long they believed in Santa Claus is so stupid, you can’t even consider that topic suitable for idle conversation. But if you still wanna know how long I believed in some old fat guy who wears a funky red suit, I can tell you this: I’ve never believed in him, ever. The Santa that showed up at my kindergarten Christmas festival, I knew he was fake. And I never saw Mommy kissing Santa or anything, but I have to say that even as a little kid, I knew better than to believe in some old man that only worked one day a year. Now having said that, it wasn’t until I got older that I realized aliens, time-travelers, ghosts, monsters, espers, evil syndicates and the anime/manga/fantasy-flick heroes that fight said evil syndicates, were also fake. Okay. I guess I always knew those things were bogus. I just didn’t wanna admit it. All I ever wanted was for an alien, time-traveler, ghost, monster, esper, evil syndicate or the hero that fought ‘em to just appear and say, “Hey!” Unfortunately, reality is a hard road, indeed.
Yep, you gotta admit. The laws of physics definitely puts a damper on things. I even stopped watching those TV shows about aliens and ghosts and stuff. Aliens, time-travelers, espers, 'course they don’t exist.
But a little part of me wishes that they did. I guess I’ve grown up and realized that I can think about those things and still accept reality.
But by the time I got out of junior high, I pretty much outgrew that kind of stuff. And I guess I got used to the idea of living in an ordinary world. And just like that, I was in high school. And that’s when I met her.”
—Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

 I adore this, it opens both the book and the show and it's just so wonderful.
not only does it perfectly describe Kyon as a hopeful cynical snark face but it also is the main point for my argument that Haruhi Suzumiya is not the god characters the others say she is.

so yeah....

I personally believe that Kyon is the one with power, i have for a while.... i think he uses Haruhi (or a certain other character we meet late in the novel) as a conduit... but he still has to approve everything... kinda.

Point one - No Santa.
Haruhi believes in Santa, she knows he isn't real but part of her... the same part that believes in aliens/time travelers/espers ect. hopes that he is out there somewhere just waiting to be found.
Kyon however never believed he's not even giving the idea a chance and as we have seen he doesn't seem to exist... If Haruhi had all the power she would have cause an incident around christmas where the others bumped into santa... but she didn't.

Point two - Everything that he mentions early on in this monologue happens.
Granted a handful of them he doesn't notice cause it happens during the school festival but all of those things are established early on.... Then much later in the series he is asked about sliders.
"haven't met one of those yet"
The idea is planted in his head and not too much longer after that the timeline splits and he encounters the slider.

Point Three - Approval during the filming
While making the movie Haruhi comes up with many zany ideas, none of  which actually happen until kyon thinks "that couldn't happen... could it"
The laser beams, the doves, the cherry blossoms... everything happens after he thinks about how the idea could even potentially be possible.
It is easest to see with the laser beam as mikuru is fine until kyon debates it.

 Point Four - Sasaki
Very spoilery if you haven't rad the book or the manga but theres an organization surrounding Kyon's old friend who is a girl Sasaki and the are desperate to get him to pick Sasaki.
why would Kyon choosing anyone matter unless he held control of the power?

Point five - Yuki
Yuki doesn't do anythign without the okay from Kyon
She has the power to bend the universe to her will but she wont do it without the okay from him or at least giving him the chance to change things back.

Point six - It makes for a better story.
Think about it... they all tell the person with godlike powers that someone else has those powers and they have to keep it a secret is probably the best way to stop someone from realizing they have godlike powers. The argument is that if haruhi knows she could destroy everything... the argument works for kyon as well... except he desperately wants to have a more exciting high school life (despite all of his protesting)... so tell him someone else has the powers and have him still go on the adventures.

Point seven... kinda. - Kyon in haruhi suzumiya is far more intelligent then in Yuki Nagato-chan
like... In the AU Kyon is a moron, he isn't doing well in school... he's barely able to keep up and he only really knows japanese.
In Haruhi Suzumiya Kyon is very smart... he's lazy and doesn't like to do his homework but he is not stupid, classmates ask him for advice... he knows multiple languages (in his head at least) he has a basic understand of quantum mechanics (in his head at least) and all around he is a great problem solver and just bright... I don't understand why the same creator would make him so dumb and dull in one version but so bright and robust in another UNLESS the fact that this is a world without Aliens/time travellers/espers/sliders/evil syndicates/a person with godlike powers ect. means that kyon can't be as smart because he doesn't have the same capacity for knowledge...
that or it's just a kinda annoying AU that doesn't have the ship i like (but did have a really cute episode about haruhi and kyon so i can enjoy that)

ok... i will stop... i just needed to put things into words....
but yeah my main point stands.
No Santa? then haruhi can't be the one with godlike powers... she just has them on lone from the loveable nameless snarkface Kyon.

Oh did i mention he and his entire family were nameless? make that point 8 i guess...

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