Friday, 26 June 2015


Nisekoi was originally about a boy with a locket that could be unlocked with a key.... he gave a girl a key ten years ago and now there are 3 girls with Keys who could all be the girl he made a promise with.

This season was about 5-6 girls spending time with Raku and getting their own episode to make you hope that your fav girl is the one who he ends up with.

It was okay... i guess?

The first 20 episodes felt a bit more like an arc... this was just "and this week is Onodera's episode... and next week will be Chitoge"... so yeah like a monster of the week show but with girls.

The animation was still really pretty and different... but the show is pretty much completely lackign in substance or purpose.

You can miss every episode of thise season and other then not knowing anything about onodera's sister or chitoge's mom you wouldn't be missing a single plot relevant thing.

There must be another season planned because this was just a dull way to end a season. No one gets any closer or further from raku, we learn nothing about the pendant and more girls are just constantly added despite the fact that everyone knows it's pretty much between Onodera and chitoge... and Chitoge is probably going to win his heart in the end cause apparently everyone loves a Tsundere.

I feel like i'm being hard on it... and i am... it could have been better... if it had a point or stuff happened it would have been fine but this just felt like a filler show and by the end of the season I religated it to BG noise... which is so easy cause 90% of the dialogue is something sayign "muri" (murri? i've never been good at romanizing) which is essentially "impossible" and the other 10% is "omg did he misunderstand what i said/i am so embarrassed about a misunderstanding"

I guess i'm just annoyed at the wasted potential for a cute idea.

Plus i watched Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan just before this and it made me cry so... i guess i was expecting more?

Ok Next will either be SNAFU Too, Blood Blockade battlefront, Plastic Memories or Kuroko no basket (if i can stomach multiple episodes in a row cause BOY that show went downhill) as they all finish tomorrow.

Then Sunday Is Yamada-kun and the seven witches... i don't think Arslan is ending any time soon. i probably will stagger something so saturday isn't just spamming people with links.

But anyways back to the point... would i reccomend Nisekoi?
Nah.... maybe wait till a few more seasons are out... then watch the last few arcs.... save yourself a lot of time.

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