Saturday, 27 June 2015

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too!

. . .
But.... it can't.... end there.

I don't want to wait for season 3.... i mean.... the gap between 1 and 2 was like 2 years? no....

Granted in that time it did change from one studio to another but still... that was a cruel place to end the season... i expected an after the credits bit or something.

What is it with shows ending this season and just making me want more.

Okay from the start.
My Teen Romantic Comdy SNAFU (henceforth known as SNAFU cause the title is too long) is about a Ugly loner, names Hikigaya, who everyone thinks is creepy and ignores. He has done his best to tell himself it's okay and he never wanted their friendship however one day a professor who has had with his bullshit forces him to join a club dedicated to Acceptign and fulfilling requests. The club has one other member, Yukino, and she is known as one of the most bueatiful girls in the school but is still not liked because she can be extremely cold and honest and doesn't always care if what she says hurts your feelings.

Needless to say they don't get along as their ideologies are Diametrically opposed. After Helping Yui, a bubbly girl who isn't quite sure about her place in life, she also joins their club and the three work together to fulfill requests and learn more abotu themselves and each other.
Sometimes the solutions they come up work, sometimes they are absolutely heartbreaking but it always works towards the goal of not assuming things based on just a little information and going from there.

I love this show.

This show is the reason i give every show a chance...
A few years ago i would have never watched this cause of the stupid title... but it was the first time i was trying everything so when i ended up loving it i realized i have to give everything a small chance every season so i wont miss anything that i otherwise would have skipped over.

I know a lot of people find Hikki a little depressing... and he is but i find a lot of the self preservation stuff he does extremely relatable. That is kind of what makes some of his choices so heartbreaking... theres is a solution that everyone gets mad at him for early on in season two and i just found myself crying cause i know i personally would have done something similar... not saying ti was right but i understand where you are in a situation where there is no more time left you have to do what you have to do... even if you end up hurt by it.

SO did SNAFU too live up to the first season?
Yes... even better... i adore the new animation studio...
however..... UGH that ending... season three better come soon... i hate waiting.
and yeah i'll be buying this as well (fun story, I recently got the dvd from sentai and the day i finished rewatching was the day they announced season 2... yay)
So yeah so far this season has been great... a few more shows today so sorry you'll be seeing a lot of these.

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