Friday, 26 June 2015

Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

Season 2.... when is it? I don't care that it said Fin.... i know the light novels are like into volume 8 or something.... and considerign each volume was like... 3-4 episdoes.... thats enough content for another season or 2... even if the light novels are done there is still more.

Okay first i need to back up.

At the start of this season i saw the poster and said something along the lines of "wow that looks like a fanservicy pile of crap... i don't even want to give it the time of day...... but i do want to give every show a chance... ok i'll watch and see how long i last."
25 mins later~
"well.... it wasn't terrible... i don't understand hestia's string or the aversion to outfits with backs but.... it was actually kinda sweet and endearing and not as fanservicy as the poster/title would have you believe"
A few episodes later~
"i don't like waiting.... i will get the light novels...."
A few books later
"well i've read all the released novels and i'm at the exact same spot that i am in the show.... damn... back to waiting"
Just a few minutes ago~
"I want more... and that reveal.... i mean it makes sense but UGH i want more now...."

and the worst thing about this show.... i don't even thing it's the dumbest title this season... it's a close race between this and "my Teen romantic comedy is SNAFU Too" (which i love and will probably be talking about tomorrow unless season two is 2 cours)

So yeah despite actively wanting to dislike this show simply based on a crappy title and a terrible poster.... i have to say this is one of my favourite titles this seasons.
i NEVER would have guessed it would end up like this.
If you had told me i would love a show with a terrible title like this 3 months ago i would have laughed at you...
but stuff like this is the reason i give everything a chance... i would have missed out on this without a doubt in my mind had i not watched every new show this season.

Hell i liked it enough where i got the light novels.

Now compared to the light novels the book are very similar... however i have to give a little more of a recommendation to the book simply because it explains certain things better.
I don't recal the anime ever mentioning the Level or Rank system. (like they mention that Kenki makes it to level 6 but i don't think they explain that she is the first and it doesn't show how she does it [while it's a chunk of the book])
They only touch on a certain Gods obsession in the anime AND we learn far more about Bell's Grandfather in the books while he only gets to be seen in flashes in the show.
The book, because they have more time, are able to get across the story a little better.... but at the same time it also ups the Harem aspect, you are in Bells head so you hear more of his 'wandering' thoughts and it only has 3 volumes out in english legally (vol 4 releases in august i believe which should probably catch it up to where this season ended) 

However the anime is still fantastic...

have i..... mentioned what the show was about? oops...
Bell, after having lost his grandfather, makes it to the big city in the hopes of going into the dungeon and saving pretty girls so he can go out with them.
of course being a total newbie he tends to get saved far more often then he does the saving (so to answer the title of the show Yes it's a bad idea to pick up girls in a dungeon). He has a chance encounter with Aiz Wallenstein who is one of the most well known adventurers and falls in love... however he is embarrassed by how terrible he is at everything and does everything in his power to get stronger and catch up to the Sword Princess.
With the help of his Familia's God Hestia he goes into dungeons and continues to work towards that goal despite many hardships... up to and including his own goddess' jealousy 

Yeah ok that'll do.

The good:
Animation, spot on... fluid and lovely and alwasy has a lot of care.... it can feel bubbly one second and then absolutely gruesom the next.
Music, another show i'm debating getting the soundtrack to this cause it's just so pretty.
Character, I love Bell... i love his design i love the way he acts... he's just so adorable and even though his goal was originally to pick up girls he is very respectful and sweet to everyone around him.
Story, yeah granted igot more out of it cause i knew stuff that you can only know from the book but the base story is still very very good... especially since it's a show that presents itself as a harem and then isn't... i mean it is but thats not the point
Screw it... i love everything about this show.

The bad:
13 episodes? are you kidding me? and that FIN bullshit?
No i expect in 3 months to a year there will be more of this.... there has to be... you can';t just drop what it drops in the last few lines and be like "yes this'll be the best place to stop"
no... i mean i don't care cause i'm going to read ahead but no.... nope nope nope... let the books get a little ahead and then give me more.

The worst:
That stupid title....
If this were called Familiar Myth no one would bat an eye and more people would watch the show but NOPE you had to go with one of the worst titles i have every seen....
You had to actively pick a title that makes people want to not admit liking your show.
You had to pick a title that people might be embarrassed by saying outloud or recommending to others
WHY COULDN'T YOU PICK A BETTER TITLE..... your subtitle is a better title.

But yeah... Great show... sad it's done but looking forward to more... it'll come out on way or another.

Next will be Nisekoi:... i'm sorry there will be a lot of these close together... everything ends today, tomorrow or Sunday

Seraph of the End

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