Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon Vol 1 (Light Novel)

I have heard that Patience is a virtue
yeah pass.... i am only of the least patient people i know... if there is a way to get more of something that i enjoy i will do whatever it takes to get that.

At least when it comes to anime.

So.... a bit of a spoiler for the end of the season but.... one of my favourite shows this seasons...
a season with a second season to SNAFU and a Haruhi Suzumiya... is called
"Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon"

If this was a few years ago... i never would have watched this... i would have seen the title and said "that looks like a fanservicy piece of crap.... what is with that string? what purpose can it possibly serve"
Now since i get every show a chance (and i have been surprised many times in the past 3-4 years thanks to it) i sat sown and watched it.
and boy did i nit pick the first episode with a friend.
but at the end i sat back and thought. "you know.... it wasn't terrible.... i kind of want to see more"
I was stunned... how could a show with such a stupid title (granted in japanese it's Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru noha Machigatteiru darouka... which still is long and stupid)
This was supposed to be my "yeah well that was what i expected" show.... and now i'm hooked.

Not only is it not bad.... it's really good... god i hope this doesn't pull a sword art online on me... thats always my worry with harem shows... a great start and then just rage and anger at missed/wasted potential.

however i'm not here to talk about the show... it's good go watch it on cruncyroll you have no excuse not to.

No i want to talk about my lack of patience.
A few weeks ago, after i told one of my friends "i can't believe i like this show" he linked me to the light novel.
and i stared at the link for a while.
"I want to be surprised by the show.... but the ligth novel probably has more info... and i could read ahead... but the show.... but more info"
and then two nights ago i caved and bought it... only to find out my kindle may be dying....

Anyways I told myself that light novels are like water and i should only read a chapter a night (consdering the whole 200ish page book is only 6 chapters)
Then i did something to my shoulder and now we are here... yay~

Many years ago gods decended from another world in order to have a good time with people on the main world. They gave them blessings and the abilities to fight monsters in a dungeon. These Familia work to keep the peace and keep up their entertainment.
After a chance encounter with a goddess named hestia he decided to become a member (the only member) of her Familia. This way he can become an adventurer and fulfill his deepest desires! he want to meet women.
Lucky (at least in my opinion) that goal doesn't even make it past the first page as he is nearly killed by a monster. Realizing he was a  moron for thinking such a simplistic reason would be enough to keep him alive he now just fights to survive and get stronger.
The story overall is about him working towards a goal, some of it is fueled by love but more then anything he just doesn't want to lose anyone.

This volume when compared to the anime doesn't go very far at all... i would say 4 or 5 episodes?
actually i just checked and it's 3 episodes...
so yeah i didn't get anything new persay but i got a lot more insight into bells character (which is both good and bad... i think the translation leaves something to be desired) and i learned more about the lore surrounding the world....
i've also pretty confirmed a few things i had supposed about the "antagonist"
but yeah if you are enojoying the show i would recommend the light novel... it's a quick read. (about 2-3 hours i would guess... maybe less... i don't tend to pay too much attention with light novels)
I see the manga is also coming out, it's probably good too (and probably had more fanservice cause why not i guess?)
for me i think i'll be picking up the next one.... i don't think volume 3 releases for a few months.... which makes me sad cause i want to read ahead more.... but i'll take going into the next arc.

So yeah... stupid show and it's stupid title... admitting i like this show kills me a little inside.
but hey better to not judge a book by it's cover.
or an anime by it's title.... no matter how terrible the title is.
If it gets licensed jus tchange the name to "Hestia" cause even though i like Bell more... Hestia is adorable.....
but still what is up with that string.

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