Thursday, 30 April 2015

oh boy i may regret this

So... i Like Ys.
A lot
too much.
i haven't even been a fan for terribly long... around 2009 or 10...
But everything about this series makes me smile.

Well almost everything.
putting that aside recently Ys VI Arc of napishtim was released on pc through various sellers.
Now I have (to date) played one version of every Ys game that has made it's way to north america
you can also read that as i haven't played Ys 5
This includes ys6.
and i hated it.
Like... controller throwing hated it.
I have only thrown a controller in frustration a handful of times.
most of those times were thanks to ys6
i'll just say the long jump... i'm glad it was never used again.
anyways this is a game i have played and i didn't care for... it was fine just... annoying...
still i owuld have the chance to move from "i have played 1 version of every NA ys game" to "i own a version of every NA ys game"
but i'm not going to buy a game and then not play it...
plus the translation is new
besides it's been... uh... apparently i beat it on may 31 2012 so... 3 years almost... anyways maybe i changed my mind in that time... maybe i was just terrible at it and thats why i hated it more then ys1 (which i have softened on now that i played a version with the bump mechanic intact)
no it's just kinda shitty.

but i'm not here to rag on ys 6... a game i will beat again cause i'm dumb.
no i'm here to discuss the one this i love/hate more then anything else in the series.
the time line.

i'm just gunna ramble so feel free to ignore.

There is one game we know without a doubt takes place first.
Origin.... it's like 900 years before the first game with Adol so.... no matter what it's number one.

And adol is the youngest in Ys 1 (16 or 18?) so that takes place next.
Ys 2 takes place immediately after Ys 1.... [spoilers i guess] you beat dark fact and end up on ys... no gap...

So yeah.... no matter what
ok... good...
but what comes next?
you would think 3... you would be wrong but you would think logically it would be 3... however between Adol being older (18-20?) and there being a large gap where he and dogi travel together.... that does leave room for another adventure.
I believe, Thanks to "To start a new adventure"
Which is From Ys 4: Memories of celceta...
anyways this one puts this game before ys 3.
because the last few notes are the same as the theme "premonition =styx=" from Ys 3
So now we have
Origin>1>2 > 4 > 3
i don't know where 5 actualyl goes but judging by the fact that there is a character i have never met in 6.... i'm oging to go out on a limb and say she was introed in 5.... therefor.

but then i came across this
wait.... 6 years.... like... i know that this is game 6.... but it's not like each game takes place in a year....
6 years puts him at 22-24
there is a lot of time where we could have missed some of adol adventures.
so assuming
origin = -900
Ys 1 - 16-18
Ys 2 - 16-18
Ys 4 - 17-19
ys 3 - 18-20
Ys 5- ??
Ys 6 - 22-24
thats a pretty big gap....
not evenmentioning that i'm pretty sure he's 24 in ys 7.
so then... putting ys 8 inbetween 3 and 5 or 5 and 6 makesa lot of sense... it isn't out yet but those are the rumors.

so i decided to look~
well look at that
off by one year on everything... i'm actually kinda pleased that i got the timeline right too
anyways i know ys 8 wontbe after 7.... so.... yeah... we'll see where that gets dumped.... i just wanted to talk through my thoughts before checking the timeline.
yeah i like this series too much...
but yeah..... i like that adol isn't always just a kid... he grows up...
sure it's not the 25 years that the series has actually been around but it's still something.
he also changes his title quite often... still i like Adventurer.... better then some silly chosen one (which he only technically is once.... then he just decidesto ruin everyones day cause it's fun.... ok there more to the plot then that but in his saving civilizations he really does ruin a lot of stuff)

ok sorry if you read this
like really sorry
so extremely sorry.

never get me talking about ys.... it's better for everyone

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