Friday, 3 April 2015

Dropped: Brandish

Well... i can't like every Falcom game...

Ok so, i'll be honest... My priorities when it comes to enjoying a game are a little odd.
1. it has to be pleasing to the ears... if the voice acting is bad or the music is painful i wont even give the game a chance.
2. the story has to be interesting.
3. it must be fun to play... be it gameplay or otherwise.

Now if one of those things is missing... i'll still probably enjoy the game.
but for the most part... i play games in the hope that i will be smiling (or even crying)
I do not play games for challenge UNLESS i know i already like it.

Brandish is one of the most stressful games i have ever played.
i'm only on the 4th floor and i feel a little sick from how stressed it made me.
I don't mind hard but fair... this felt so cheap.
The enemies have so much more mobility then you do.
you can kind of see when the floor will break but i can't tell what chests are trapped or what switches insta kill me.
and hitting triangle after every step is just too much for me.
Also the lack of an interesting story doesn't help...

Now... it could just be the genre.
I am not a fan of dungeon crawlers... first person being the worst for me (this one is third but it might as well be first with that camera)... it builds up a level of stress that i cannot stand.
and i've watched friends play Rogue likes (i know this isn't really a rogue like but i'm trying to make a point) and i wanted out rip out my hair it was just too painful.

But i figured... hey... ti's falcom... i like them... their music is always so pretty.
and to be fair this game has pretty music
but no... i'm done.
i'm happy i gave xseed some money... please continue to bring falcom stuff here.
but yeah... one day of this game and i think i'm permanently throwing in the towel... i just can't stand feeling this sick pit in my stomach of being so on edge anymore.

however if what i described sounds fun... or you like dungeon crawlers that are hard as hell.. please give it a shot.
A warning the camera is strange, you control it with the shoulder buttons and essentially your character is always facing forward. and you have to rotate the camera... and it's slow... and the enemies are so fast...
anyways i'm gunna go play a game thats a little more chill.... i haven't replayed ys 4 or 7 on hard mode yet... that sounds fun.
ok in all truth i'm gunna go play Atelier Shallie because it's adorable...
Judge me all you like it don't care.
But yeah... no more Brandish... not fun for me.

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