Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

This is the Steam/GoG version of the game... i beat the ps2 version about 3 years ago. *looks at the date stamp* wow... like... had i waited a few days it would be exactly 3 years.


I want to start this off with my Biases since it will affect my overall opinion.

1. I really like Ys.
Too much.
To date i have played/owned at least one version of every numerical ys game to come to north america
just for fun that means i own.
Ys 1 & 2 - DS and Steam
Ys 3 - Psp/steam/ super famicom 
Ys 4 - Vita
Ys 5 - still waiting for falcom to remake this one
Ys 6 - Played ps2, own and played GoG
Ys 7 - Psp
Ys Origin - Steam

not to mention i have imported Ys vs Sora no Kiseki, a brawler similar to games like powerstone or super smash brothers (it's actually not that similar but i can't think of any other way to describe it)

And i have two art books... one dedicated to Ys and one to Falcoms 25 year history.

I REALLY like Ys.

2. I knew i liked this game the least before i even bought it.

Why did i buy a game that literally made me throw my controller?
Part of me wanted to see if i was just bad at it and thats why i disliked it so much... or to see if it really is the weakest of the NA releases.

And to be fair, it's a little of both?
This game, despite playing on hard was pretty easy, it feels like i beat it in no time at all... like 8-10 hours tops. So yeah i was frustrated 3 years ago because I still hadn't played too many action RPGs. I would charge in and die a lot and thats not fun.
However despite being better this game had me saying "oh i remember this" constantly.
When i got to the limewater cave i nearly went "you know what? i already beat this game... i have nothing to prove"
But still i did want to beat it because... i bought it...I'm going to play everything i buy.
Well except that Ys 3 wanderers fron Ys Super Famicon cart.... but that is more that i dont have the means to play it and i'm not willing to break the tabs on my snes

Is it still the lowest on my list?
If we include Ys 1&2 on DS... then no.... that game is worse.
But i'm not counting it cause that was an issue of the programmers changing the system without thinking of how that affected the game.
The dash jump on the other hand is integral to Ys6 and not even Xseed could take it out despite it being the most frustrating move in any game i have played.

But is it still fun?
Yeah kinda....
It's not as good as the others.
The music is weaker (except a few songs near the end game) the hit boxes are stranger (read as it's damn near impossible to dodge anything that is even remotely near you)  Killing enemies is a pain cause 90% of them have only a few moves that can damage them (read as you'll be doing down stab a lot) and the bosses range from Boring to repetitive.
however that lightning spell is just too much fun (and way too strong but oh well)
But even though it's not as good as the others i'm not angry about having given it time

But wait... it really did feel short... and i don't remember replaying the bit that had me throwing my controller.
Does the ps2 version have an extra thing with the wings of alma that forces you to use the dash jump?
YEAH the trails of alma! I knew there was something missing. thank goodness too cause those trials were rage inducing.

Okay so.... Ys 6 on ps2 is WAY WORSE (though voice acted.... but you have to put in a code to get the proper cutscenes) then this version... Xseed really did a great job with the translation... i do wish it had voice acting but i am assuming the PC version actually predates the ps2 one... which i can understand....

But before this Headache makes me completely incoherant... though i'm pretty sure we are well past that point... I want to say the thing i enjoyed the most about Ys 6.
I am so happy i played this after playing 4.
The first time i played i had little to no idea about the Eldeen civilization or Geis role in the overarching story...
it still kills me a little that i'm missing out on how Adol got to know Pirates... i really hope (after Ys 8) they remake Ys 5 since i'm just so curious about it.
But since this time i played after ys4 and the explination of the origin of some eldeen societies made so much more sense and just really put into perspective how important 4 is the everything chronologically after it.... i don't think it affects 1 oe 2 much... other then winged people.

So did i have fun? yes.... despite hating some of the things about this game it still made me smile.
Can i recommend it?
only if you are playing chronologically...
cause that puts it right near the end and you can finish off with 7 which i really liked.
It's short, it introduces geis and has some of the best world building of the series but i would still rather play any of the other numbered entries...
just.... not on DS... never again.
but yeah.... either play it in that order or like Ys a whole lot (though i understand there aren't too many who like it that much)

Still it's thanks to this game that Ys3 and Origin are so good (they learned from their mistakes) and so i'm grateful for that at least. 

I got the GoG version cause i'm not thrilled with steams customer service as of late. (seriously takes them over a month to get back to me on anything) so yeah... trying out a new platform and it seems to be working out okay.
now i just need to follow a laundry list of things in order to get Gurumin to work on my PC.

For now I think it's time to get some rest.

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