Monday, 11 May 2015

Light Novel: Is it Wrong to Pick Up GIrls in a Dungeon vol 2

So last night i finished volume 2, and i was quite pleased considering it ended exactly where the last aired episode ended.
I was so happy that i would get to read ahead.
except one itty bitty problem.
volume three doesn't come out in north america till august.

so.... yeah...

guess i get to be surprised with everyone else.

I am enjoying the light novels, you get a lot more personality from everyone since there is more time compared to a 23 minute episode.
Another bonus to the light novel is that it tells you far more about the status, skills and levels.

I never would have guessed there was a letter grading system within the levels, or that to reach level 2 so many conditions would need to be met.

But as for recommending reading it... maybe when the show is done give it a chance since by then the early episodes wont be so fresh in your mind.
I did really enjoy it. I am curious how long the overall series is... as long as it comes out more often then the melancholy light novels i should be okay. (i think it was 5 years between the last book being written and the english version being published... it was a long time)

The writing also got a little better in volume 2... it doesn't feel as awkward so either the translator got into a good rythem or they changed them out... either way it's a lot of fun and i look forward to the next volume.

Unless the show pulls a sword art and i end up hating it by the end......
please don't pull a sword art online.... i can't deal with that again.

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