Monday, 18 May 2015

Slayers Revolution - R

Because lets be honest... Revolution and Evolution - R are the same season... they just are...

Originally i was going to start this by saying "well that was pointless fanservice to the fans of the original series"
But after those last two episodes i can't completely standby that.
It IS fanservice for those who like the original three seasons, but the last two episodes are really well done.

However it's best to explain myself.
As i mentioned in my Saylers/next/try Ramble I had a friend who really liked Slayers...
She liked Slayers as much as i like Natsume yuujinchou.
I personally enjoyed the series but never really got into it as much as her.
However last Christmas rightstuff had all 5 seasons on sale for less then 50 dollars... considering most of the time it's hard to get a single season of this show for less then 60 i jumped on the chance.

Rewatching Slayers/next/try was a lot of fun, Slayers next is still probably the strongest season considering the story lines it managed to explore before the plot derails that (like it does it ever season. Turning on Revolution (ep 1-13) was pretty good at first.
Well it has the best intro and ending song of all 5 seasons... but it felt like a lot of pointless filler sprinkled with a tiny bit of plot near the end.
So when Evolution - R (ep 14-26)started i figured well considering we just finished some plot relevant stuff it would just jump right in.
Instead we get the worst intro and ending song in the entire series (also the endign just starts out of nowhere with no buildup or fade out or moment of silence... it's just like BAM mountain range) and mostly filler.
To me it feels like 11 episodes of filler... is that a bit unfair? probably but if i break it down into the episode arcs... nothing that happens affects the overall plot.
Finding the 'jar'? kinda pointless.
Following the armour... no reward by the end doesn't do anything.
Protecting the nobel, not only pointless but time wasting and a chance for some character development that they just throw in the garbage.
then we get a few filler episodes that do relate to the plot a little and then 2 really solid episodes. that really should have been more the focus of the entire 26 episodes... just just the 5-8 it ended up being. across 2 seasons

Now i am easily swayed by how much i like the music of a show... if a show has a terrible intro song it may sour my whole mood... that could be whats happening here because WOW i really don't like Evolution - R's music.
(while trying to find the name of the song i saw that there is a 1 volume manga for Evolution r.... the fact that all the important plot fits into one volume doesn't surprise me at all)
Also now that i have heard the full version of the song... it's not terrible... btu the TV edit of it is... i will stand by that... especially complaired to plenty of grit which is just so good.

Front Breaking (tv size)
compaired to the season before
Plenty of Grit (tv size)
Again it could just be me but yeah... not a fan of the last seasons music.

One last thing before i describe the plot ... i was worried that the 11 year gap would chance how the show feels... the animation is different... the 90's art style really dates it however i think the animators did a great job.
the colours could use a little muting but i do love how clean and crisp everything looks. 

Okay the plot is pretty simple.
Lina and her party come across a magic Weilding stuffed animal who apparently is actually the prince of a town stricken by a plague.
Years ago Rezo put everyone to sleep to slow the process of the disease but before he could break the spell
Uh spoilers i guess...
Lina blew him up... or more accurately the evil spirit inside of him.
However the seal never broke so somewhere in some capacity Rezo must still be alive... the goal is to..
*deep breath*
Find Rezo, get him to release the seal on the town
Find out if theres a way to turn Zelgadis  back to a human...
Find gourry a better sword cause... well he loses it in try.

and finally.
just.... smug little loveable jerkface Xellos.

however most of that stuff is crammed into the final few episodes.. instead we get a bunch of people we don't care about trying to kill lina for reasons. it doesn't further the plot and only really serves as some fanservice connecting the original 3 seasons to these two.

I know i've been kind of mean to it but i did enjoy Revolution - R
i'm happy i didn't have to spend 60-70 a pop for it cause BOY it is not worth that much. but the 24 i spent for both seasons... thats not too bad.
But when you consider the fact that there was an 11 year gap between season 3 and 4 i was kinda hoping for more.
I want lina to deal with her sister.
I want gourry to get a new sword.
I want lina to beat a final boss without using a certain spell.

I want Xellos to show up more then gets as a convenient Dues Ex machina.
But most of all i wanted a little more time exploring what a certain character meant in there final moments in the last episode. it was a really interesting line that can't be explored because of what immediately follows.

So it's good, if you like the other seasons it's a lot of fun.... but pick it up cheap if you are unsure or just casually enjoyed the first three seasons.

If they do another one (and who knows they might) please let it actually be about gourry... for the past 3 seasons he has been worse then useless... and thats a bit upset because even though he is incredibly stupid he does have an interestign character.

But yeah maybe i'll eventually see the OVAs... it may help explain the one character i have no clue about in Evolution - R

for now (barring another season which i'm sure would be fun) i'm glad it's done, it's a very long show to only be wacthign 1 ep a night and i was wanted to check out some of the other series i bought.
and maybe rewatch Natsume yuujinchou.... cause work is starting to make me sad and that would just make me smile... we will see if i cave.

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