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Tegami Bachi Letter Bee

I thought i would have a little post about this but either it didn't get posted over from tumblr or i watched this before i started writing these.

Either way I am going to talk about this wonderful show (including reverse)... and a little about the manga... and about the artbook.

While i don't talk about this show as much as Princess Tutu or Natsume Yuujinchou or Haruhi Suzumiya it is easily right up there as one of my all time fav shows.

The story follow Lag Seeing, an Albisian boy who is found tied to a mail post and sent as a letter to his aunt. Apparently his mother was taken to the capital Akitsuki and lag was left alone.
The Letter Bee (this worlds postal service) that finds him is named Gauche Suede and aong with his dingo Roda they deliver the boy safely and even manage to befriend him.
Lag vowed that one day he'll be a letter bee like Gauche.
Fast forward 5 or 6 years and Lag is now 12 and has passed his first exam for becoming a letter bee.
through a chance encounter he meets up with a girl he names Niche who becomes his dingo. she is known as a child of Maka and wields golden swords.
shortly after they meet up with Steak, a mysterious creature that is probably the last of his kind... Niche treats him like emergency food rations.
shortly after passing the final exam Lag finds out that Gauche has been AWOL since shortly after delivering Lag. Considering that the weapons of this world (shiden) fire pieces of heart most figure Gauche just shot too much and lost his heart. Lag's new mission is to find Gauche and bring him back to the Beehive (postal office)
Of course nothing is that easy.

and anymore then that is getting a bit spoilery so.... onto why i love this show.

As you can tell by all the terms this show has a deep and rich lore. The world is cloaked in darkness and the only source of light is the artificial sun. The class system is set up where the closer you are to the sun the more power, status and money you have. everyone works their hardest to get closer to the sun. There are also these giant bugs that roam the land and eat peoples heart (which is why letter bees who need to traverse the land use fragments of their heart to resonate inside the bugs and destroy them). Also theres an anti government movement known as reverse who want to destroy the artificial sun.
i could go on and on just about the world building but i would be here all day writing.

The point is i just love the world and the characters and the music.
wow the music
First - I just found out recently that the singer of the first ending song for this show was actually sung by a Canadian. I find that kinda neat.
Second - Perseus, the fourth ending, is easily one of my all time fav songs (even if it's REALLY hard to sing along to cause the breaks between versus are pretty much non-existent)
Third - out of all the intros and endings the only song that i'm kinda not a fan of is the second intro... it just lacks the power or meaning that all the other songs have.

But the music and lore don't even begin to be the best aspect of the show.

If you were to ask me which of the artbooks i own is my fav. Shine would be my answer.
Not Ys 25th aniversary.
Not Falcom 30th Anniversary.
Shine: Tegami bachi Illustrations by Hiroyuki Asada.
This artbook makes me want to try new things and push myself as an artist. You look through it and you can tell that this artists loves his craft. When reading the manga he mentions that he traveled all over the world and it shows.
The art is just so breathtaking (to me at least)
the art in the anime doesn't quite capture how lovely his style is but it does a really good job of trying.

However it's not all good.
When the showed originally aired there were two things that pretty much doomed the chance for a 3rd season.
1. it 'caught up' to the manga and needed to make it's own type of plotline for the final set of episodes.
it's a common thing that happens when shows are being made as the books are still being developed.
2. There was a devastating earthquake in japan in 2011 that was shortly followed by some horrible nuclear accidents... this happened when the show only had two episodes left to air and people complained that the destruction of a town in the show so close after the destruction of an area of japan was insensitive and people complained. This caused the final episode to be the most sunshine and rainbows and lets tie up all loose ends even though the story isn't even halfway done i have ever seen. (including the sudden ending of Yumeiro Patissieru which came out of nowhere)

unfortunately with that "tie up loose ends" ending certain evens were drastically changed from the source material... so even if we did get season 3it wouldn't be able to continue the same plotline as the source.
and thats really annoying because we were just starting to get hints about certain aspects of the lore that are kinda important to the show... like the artificial sun, what it is and why it's needed.
but nope... gotta read if you wanna know more about that.
and considering how lovely the art in the manga is i am honestly okay with that.

I know i've been more all over the place then normal, i did something to my arms and the pain is clouding my thought process but i finished this last night and wanted to talk about it ESPECIALLY since i haven't talked about it before.

If you like really well thought out worlds with interesting lore and great music as well as fantastic art i cannot reccomend this enough.
um... i guess if you don't like crybabies or the world essentially being put on the shoulders of a bunch of kids (ranging from 12-24) then this wont be fore you... but it's all over on crunchyroll so you can give it a try.
the DVD was licensed by Sentai and is Japanese only (which is funny because a lot of the show is in english already... funny how things work.

and with that i have gone through my right stuff pile... (not including legend of heroes which will not be watched till Second Chapter is out and has been beaten cause i enjoy torturing myself for some reason) i think i'll rewatch Ouran high host club cause it's been a while and i do think it's cute.

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