Friday, 14 November 2014

Did i play the same game?

something happens once, it can probably be considered a coincidence...
Three times you gotta wonder....
Did i play the same game as everyone else?

I have three games that i own that i consider to be terrible.
A witch's tale (DS) (horrible controls, terrible combat and needing to play a broken game twice just to get the 'true' ending)
Hoshigami Remix (DS) (unplayable, cheating AI, dumb characters)
and L'ark Rise Fantasia.(Wii)

These three all share one thing in common, i bought them on a whim and they ALL disappointed.
But of the three Ark Rise is the worst.
The voice acting is the worst i have ever heard.
The music is bland and derivative.
The story has the chance to be interesting but is really just a convoluted mess
But worst of all the cambat is non-existant.

It has all these things you can do, some of them activating at times where it doesn't make any sense... but none of that matters because you can just press a button (it's a shoulder button i think) and the game will play itself.
and wow is it tedious.
Still no matter how bad a game if i spend money on something i'm going to try to finish it (except hoshigami and witch's tale cause they are unplayable and i can't win) so i have managed to get all the way to the penultimate boss.
and he's too strong and i don't wanna grind so it's just kinda been sitting there on my shelf cause i rather play damn near ANYTHING else.

But the strangest thing keeps happening.
a few years ago i was talking about JRPGS on a bus and the person i was talking to suggested i play L'ark Rise since it was his favorite game. Whatever, everyone has their own taste... i'm sure most people don't care for Ys as much as i do.
then a few months ago someone else suggested i play it since it was so good.
Then the other day... same thing.

I have to wonder... did i play the same game as everyone else? am i missing something that makes the experience more enjoyable? I would love to know what so i can finally beat it and write a nice long ramble on why i didn't enjoy my experience with the game. 
Have you ever had an experience where you play something and didn't like it but everyone else seems to? or where you hear great things about something and then when you play it you're underwhelmed?
Also what are you least favourite games and why?

Also just for fun, voice clips!

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