Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Attack On Titan Bluray

Specifically the dub.

Now as i mentioned before (like... just a few months ago) i was worried i wouldn't like this show because
1. I Do not like the art style, the abundance of white highlights on skin is stil lenough to pull me out of the moment.
2. The hype behind this show was a bit intimidating and i worried nothing could live up to it.
3. The internet had spoiled one of the bigger plot twists.
4. I had heard that while it was a huge cast characters died before they had much chance to develop...
5. It's a title that focuses on fighting which are hit and miss with me... they tend to get boring. 

And upon my first viewing i realized.
1. even after 25 episdoes i still do not like the art style... the animation is stunning and i love how diverse the characters all look but that shading on the skin...
2. i found, especially early on, some of the imagery to be far to on the nose or shocking for the sake of being shocking.
3. The music is pretty kick ass.... not only that one intro but ALL the music... every intro and ending song as well as all the background music and insert songs.
4. The show, for the most part lived up to the hype, I found Eren to be a little bland for a main character but the rest of the cast was handled well... especially Levi and Mikasa and even Armin.

So when i saw the Bluray on sale i figured no harm i npickign it up, i am curious about the dub after all.

upon rewatching i remembered how easy it is to marathon this show... "one more episode" goes by so quickly it doesn't feel like 22-25 mins at all.

So how was the dub?
Pretty good, the main cast was very solid, Mikasa, Armin and Eren are pretty much perfect casting choices... I even warmed up to Eren a bit cause the voice gave him a little more personality... he's still bland versus everyone else but what can you do.

the background cast was a bit wooden at times though but i don't blame them... they had a lot of characters to cast.

Also the casting for Levi was good too. I missed hearing Hiroshi but he's actually a character in hearts R so i've been getting my fill as of late. but yeah everyone does a good job, I still hope that we eventually get another season of this... i figure considering how close this came out after the manga started that maybe they were just waiting forthe manga to get further ahead. i haven't read the manga at all so i don't know for sure. (i may eventually read it but that art... *sighs*)
I know theres a movie coming out but i'm not sure if thats new content or a condensed/alternate retelling (cause like... 70% of films based on anime are alternate retellings... irritating)
I do hope the show continues to grow since the first 25 episodes only really cover a few unanswered questions. We still need to know abotu the key, the basement, the wall and the secret of the titans.

OH... one thing about the bluray i didn't like.
In the midroll bumpers there are little explinations about the world.
I read all of them because crunchy translated them all... but when watching in english these midroll bumpers are not translated.
And i just can't think of why... especially considering some people can't stand watching subbed anime if there is an english alternative. if you don't read those bumpers you miss out on some key parts of the story (especially for the monolith wall of text that is the ep 25 bumpers that explains the entire myth of the wall)

So yeah if you are unsure about the show, give it a shot Crunchy only has 1-13.5 available while the Bluray is newly out. Apparently it'll be back after December 9th.
If you don't like hyper violence this show may not be for you but if you are overall unsure theres no harm in giving the first 4 episodes a try to see if it's something you like. I dsay 4 because it gives you enough explination of the world and it's rules and starts to tone down on the insanely blatant imagery.

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