Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Project Diva F2nd (Vita Version)

ok so i've only beaten the song once but i still think i can give an overall ramble cause... well i'm not new to this series.

Prject Diva is a rhythm game featuring Vocaloids... if you do not like vocaloid music or japanese music in general stay away.
if you do like those then boy do i have a game for you.

This is the second Diva game to come out in north america and upgrades from Diva f as pretty small.
now there are double scratch which mean you have to scratch with both sides of the screen (or the two thumbsticks) I had no issue with this other then if i'm playing the song for the first time i may miss a note cause i wont be able to see it.
It also has these sctraches that go to the beat..... i don't get ewhy they did this since
1. when playing the song for the first time it's hard to know what beat it's going to.
2. the seperate starts also go to the beat but are on a fixed tempo and therefor easier to read so why would you add this silly feature?

other then that it's pretty similar to the first one just with a bunch of new songs so if you like Diva f, this is just more of the fun.

Now there is one thing i need to mention.
When i was younger i importated Project Diva for psp.
later on i ended up buying Project diva extend for psp as well (it's like p.diva 2.5)
So playing this i knew a lot of the songs because they are reused.

now this game has changed A LOT since project diva 1. the addition of arrows, scratches, chance time and tecnical zones really have made the game fairly different.
so if you are like me and important those games you will be very familiar with about half the playlist... however they do play different enough where it doesn't bug me.
what bugs me is that my favorite song is nowhere to be seen... electric angel... i miss you~
but yeah if the F series are all you know i don't think any songs were reused from the other game.
and the tracklist is massive which is nice.

can it still be difficult? oh yeah... you can still finish a song but not pass it. still i love having it in my system to play whenever i am out (well if i could ever find a case for my vita so i could feel safe enough to bring it to cons.)

from what i can see there isn't too much difference between vita and PS3 versions... just however to prefer to play (i like the handheld aspect)

oh and easily the most fun song is Kagerou Daze... the note placement can trip you up but once the pattern is apparent it's just a blast.

but yeah... happy sega is bringing these over.
I do not like that if you want the dlc songs it's 30 bucks....
and if you want more costumes it's 70
thats just so incredibly stupid... 100 bucks of dlc for a 35-45 buck game? yeah i have a few choice words for you Sega.

but yeah the base game has tones of stuff so even if you don't get DLC it wont be lacking.
also if you have both Pdiva f and P diva f2 you get some bonus stuff (lots of costumes from the other game) which was nice... and you can share your ps3 and vita save if you want... which is kinda neat.

ok.. i gotta get back to beating Hearts R.
and maybe working on some birthday gift art.

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