Monday, 17 November 2014

Hard to say I love you

I don't tend to watch many J-dramas or K-dramas cause they can tend to be just a little too over the top for me.
But this one had a cute premise.
5 people who use twitter and live in the same town meet up and it's about the friendship they start.
It's still pretty over the top... but it had this sweetness to it that made it really enjoyable.
that and it's only 11 episodes.
I do find it kinda funny that they all use their usernames instead of their real names but i have a feeling thats more for the viewers then anything else... or maybe i'm just the strange one who likes online name kept online and real name used in person.  (though i don't mind being called my real name online as long as we have spoken a few times... i'm really picky about this now that i think about it)

So we have Haru, a techer intraining/teachers assistant
Nakaji a photographer who online seems like Haru's best friends but things are awkward when they meet.
Doctor who works selling medical equipment and has a crush on Haru.
Peach who is new to twitter and just tagging along as support for Haru, she manages to get some great support from this new group of friends.
and finally Linda, a columnist for a magazine who is the reason they all met up in the first place. He was planning to write an article about the experience.

giving away anymore then that would spoil the show so if it sounds interesting give it a shot. it's over on crunchyroll.

While i'm not a big believer in 'trigger warnings' (because if i were to tell someone to not discuss space stuff around me they would look at me funny and then discuss it more [i know from personal experience]) I do think it's important to say that this is a drama, one of the dramatic things that happens revolves around the implication of self harm. I saw one of the comments complaining that it wasn't a 'trigger warning' so yeah... you heard it from me.

However overall the super duper dramatic stuff isn't too over the top except a few scenes which is kinda refreshing for a's not all sunshine and rainbows but i do find all the situations (to a point) to be fairly believable.

But yeah i enjoyed it a lot. i am trying to watch more J and K dramas so if you have any suggestions just let me know!

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