Saturday, 8 February 2014

First impressions: Bravely Default

Silly title aside this game kinda snuck up on me.
I was planning on placing a preorder on the games limited edition but unfortunately after i started working i kinda sorta forgot about it. oops.
so i just got the standard one and in the end thats just fine with me.

Now i'll be upfront, i think they artist for this game is amazing..... but the face that no one has a nose has ALWAYS driven me a little batty.... happily though the full scale characters do have noses so at least thats better.

Also i never had a chance to play the demo, i didn't have the time.

So after turning on the game.
  • Wow this is pretty, the 3d is pretty decent too but i will be playing more in 2d... i just prefer it.
  • Auto play cutscenes are wonderful... moreso causei have limited use of my right arm and hand at the moment so it's nice not having to tell the dialouge to continue to move forward. 
  • Is that Wendy lee (maybe... not sure) and Adol? way to give me Ys feelings.... Bryce paperbrook hm? i'll remember that... yeah the voice acting in this is pretty damn good so far.
  • That music, it has this Ys feel to it which makes it REALLY enjoyable. i have heard a lot of music for it already cause friends keep sending me samples but yeah... really really pretty. 
  • omg the visuals in town... they almost look like a storybook... so details and almost painterly. even with the 3d off the movement of things in perspective make me make these odd happy giggling noises cause it's just so damn cool. 
  • Combat is standard random encounter jrpg fare, i'm hoping it gains more depth as options open up to me cause right now it's just a little same old same old. though with the little bit of how the job systems mechanics being explained it does seem interesting... i just hope it's not too focused on the need to grind cause thats where games tend to lose my interest.
  • This game has micro transactions? Now i'm worried
I despise Micro Transactions but luckily they are almost exclusive to crappy facebook games (which i don't use) and mobile games (which i don't play... mostly cause my phone isn't smart) 
The fact that this game has them built in... makes me feel a little sick, had i known this game had micro transactions i would not have bought it new... i would not have supported a game with that kind of system in play (at least not off the bat).

You are probably thinking "wow what an over-reaction, if you don't like it then just don't use it" and trust me i wont but thats not the issue at play here.

Micro Transactions in a handheld game represent a move towards a mobile game mentality. things will start having time limit walls that involve real cash to get past if you don't want to wait. Content will end up behind paywalls disguised as "premium items" or even more insidious "Downloadable content" (which i'll go into more after my MT rant). You will end up paying simply to play the game (which in the case of handheld games you've already payed a good 40 bucks for) and that is why i do not play crappy face book games or mobile games....
 and you know who is known to be the worst about having insane micro transactions just in order to enjoy the experience in their crappy facebook games and mobile games? Square Enix... the publisher of this game.

So yeah... i do not want this becomming a trend....

also to clarify i'm not saying all Micro transactions are bad or all DLC is shit... just that it so easily has the potential to be abused.
sometimes there is awesome DLC that adds to the experience or even story of the game, i haven't played the last of us but that DLC chapter looks like it has a lot of love and care put into to and is probably worth every penny.

but for every amazing use theres also tones of blatant cash grabs which add nothing to the experience. I can't actually think of a good example of micro transactions being used in a way where it feels like i'm not missing out by avoiding it... it always feels like they make the game more frustrating so you'll be forced to pay to have any fun... but again i avoid games with micro transactions for the most part so maybe there is a good example....

but i know this game will not be an example of MTs being used well.
you wanna know how i know?
you get the item that lets you attack in real time, it uses SP which take 8 hours to replenish 1 point.
or you can buy something to get 3 points.
the first sp drink is 49 cents, the next is probably .99 - $1
which hey, thats not to bad right?
it's a convenience.
yeah.... a buck here and there adds up pretty damn fast ESPECIALLY considering that after tax this game cost me 45 bucks just to be able to buy it. (the tax in my province is stupid high in my opinion though)
so yeah... screw you and your micro transactions. I hope that I don't see this in other games... it's just so easily abused and games are expensive enough as is (especially for me considering the CAD is hovering around .90)

But if you still think i'm over reacting please feel free to do whatever you please... maybe i'm wrong and they aren't trying to get every cent out of your pockets... but to me this feels like gaming comapnies see this as a way to continue getting income even if the game is a used copy by any means... which is fine i want them to get paid for their investments... but not like this, this is a bit of a slippery slope in my eyes and yeah... i'm worried.

Other then all that though... i think the game is really really good, the combat could be better but i see where they are trying to change things up and take risks. But seriously i hope they don't see a cent from the micro transactions.... i know they will but i can hope that this trend dies away.

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