Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Completed: Wolf Children

So yesterday i got 3 of the 6 packages i've been waiting on.
today i got number 4

way back when i ordered a lot from right stuff in order to take advantage of their free shipping.... one thing i didn't notice is that one of the items wasn't going to be released till feb 25.
oh well no rush right?

i dont think i asked for rushed shipping.... but here we are... feb 26 and it arrived.

so I ended up getting mostly aniplex stuff (cause wow is aniplex stuff expensive... and the sale made it reasonable) but to push my order over the free shipping threshold i added one last film.

Now i had seen the girl who lept through time (which one day i will buy but for now i'm not made of money) and i really really enjoyed it.... and while i haven't seen Sumemr wars i have seen the digimon movie which is pretty much the same film (cause it was done by the same person... and is most likely the film he wanted to make) and also, despite the fact that digimon wasn't my thing, was really good.

so we have established this director is really talented?

this film will rip your heart out in no time flat.
i know it was going to make me cry, but i didn't realize it would do that to me.

the story is about Hana who falls in love with a man who just so happens to also be a wolf.
it focuses on the children they have and how they have grown up.

it's sweet, it's sad and the animation is probably the prettiest i have ever seen.
I don't know if it's rotoscoped backgrounds or really fluid cg modelling... i don't care... it's really pretty.

the story isn't perfect, something happens fairly late and i'm sorry but the way a character handles it is really selfish. things didn't need to happen like that and it's play up as hopeful but in the end... no... one word needed to be said and everything would have been fine.... but no... they had to take the hard route.

The voice acting in japanese is really good, i'll watch the dub later... like... after i recover from the amount of tears i shed... but considering how many awards this film has won and how high the production value is i highly doubt that the dub is half assed.

the music is perfect, accents the mood without being too in your face.

other then one little incident near the end i can't think of anything wrong with this film...
and neither can anyone else... this film has some pretty impressive scores everywhere and like i mentioned a ton of awards... i'm surprised it wasn't nominated for an oscar (no i'm not actually surprised but you know what i mean... it should have been)

if you liked the digimon movie, summer wars or the girl who leapt through time then you have probably already seen this film and know it's really good... but if you haven't seen it yet go see it.

if you have not seen any of those films, go watch them and this... cause they are all good (though summer wars is most likely better then the crappy digimon movie butchering we got in north america)

so yes.... good movie... go watch, then give everyone around you a hug.

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