Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Completed: Natsume Yuujinchou OVA

an excuse to talk about Natsume's book of friends?
hell yes.

SO.... today was a fun day, i ended up getting half of the packages i'm waiting on all in one day.
First were some gashapon sailor moon lockets.
they are adorable.

Then i got my Natsume OST/Natsume Art book/ kuroko no basket freebie.
The ost is lovely (other then one song that is litterally buzzing... and not cicada buzzing but bee buzzing.)
the art book is small but really pretty, it's classified a fan book but has more art then the other two fanbooks i own.
The freebee was a random chance and i didn't get the figure i wanted but it's still adorable.

Then as i sat down to dinner The OVA i ordered arrived.
Which on one hand is great... more episodes to enjoy.
on the other hand sucks cause... well... it's Raw.
when i saw the amount of extra stuff the special edition came with i decided why not? The language in Natsume yuujinchou isn't that difficult so if nothing else i should be able to follow along without subtitles.
so yeah i spent the pretty penny knowing full well that if NISA brought it (and maybe hotarubi no mori e? [wishful thinking]) i would be buying it again... which is fine by me cause i don't think it would come with the cd rom full of extra goodies or the sound theater dvd.

and honestly i'm so glad i did.

The first episode met my every expectation, other then one scene (where two ayakashi speak) i was able to understand it.
of course i am now watching a subbed version (i bought it so i feel no guilt) to see how accurate i actually was.
~after watching sub~
i feel so proud of myself, other then i few details i got pretty much everything... i still need to work on my japanese but i'm not as far off as i used to be.
the episode is sweet and it can probably be seen as a nice segway into a season 5 (though my calculations say we are still at least a year away from that being a thing... if it happens at all)
One snowy day Natsume goes out for a walk and comes across a snowman-like yokai.
it's searching for something warm and sparkly in the snow.
Natsume wants to help but it's freezing near the yokai and everything it touches instantly turns to ice.
despite the danger natsume figures out what it's searching for and tries to help it realize, even if the realization leads to an end.

The second epiode was a bit more of a pain.
when i saw kids were the focus i thought "great the language they use will be simple"
what i didn't realize that the whole running gag would be they were hard to understand.
and most of the episode is ayakashi speaking to each other so.... yeah i got the gist of the second episode but i wouldn't be able to 'translate'
hm... no subbed version yet...
well form what i gathered.
Nyanko-sensei gets separated from Natsume cause he chases something into the forest, there he finds two lost and frightened children... they tell him where they need to go but since they are kids they can't remember all the details/aren't saying it correctly.
he travels with them through the forest to try and get them to safety all while asking other for help... all their help being pretty useless.
eventually though he manages to help and goes home in time for dinner.
also theres something about a chocolate bar... i could not figure it out.  

if i had to guess the ayakashi either use a different dialect or the way they speak gets in the way of my understanding... guess i gotta work harder at learning the language...
but yeah both episodes were really cute, the first was cuter but i may be biased by how much i got the first time around... watching nyanko get all flustered was pretty adorable.

i'll give my opinion on the sound theater tomorrow but i have a feel since it's live action i'll have a harder time understanding cause they talk a lot faster.
we'll see how it goes.

anyways... i love this show, still got my fingers crossed for season 5.. if not the manga will suffice (even though the current cliffhanger... ugh it makes me angry just thinking about it)

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