Sunday, 31 December 2017

Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart.

I'll admit, I love fluffy shojo funtimes.
And these honeyworks anime have all been utterly adorable. Predictable as hell but fun and sweet and that can be a nice change of pace from.... well the normal soul ripping shit I watch.

This story has the same setting as the other two honeyworks films except it's a 6 episode show (which is the perfect length for something like this)

We follow the story of Miou and Haruki as they fail to close this 10 cm gap between them despite how much they care for each other.
With their dreams seeming to pull them in different directions and random soapopra-ish tragedy plaguing them will they ever manage to hold holds?

It's cute and fluffy and sure there is little to no substance i still really enjoyed it. Do i want more Honey works film or anime? sure! will it make the top 10 anime of the past year? doubtful. but it's still cute and i enjoyed it.

you can watch all the Honey works shows over on crunchyroll and if you want some cute fluff it's perfect for that
I've always lover you:
The moment you fall in love:
and finally
Our love has always been 10cm apart:

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