Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Elegant Yokai Apartment

Yushi ends up needing a place to stay when his school dorms end up being damaged... however being an orphan he doesn't really want to ask his adoptive family for anythings else (be it living accommodations or cash)
Luckily he happens to find an amazing deal on a cute little apartment complex...
the only downside seems to be that it's mostly full of yokai.

This show had some potential to be a cute little maison ikoku style show with a yokai twist, however the final result is a show that is fine but overall is just wasted potential.

The show never quite figures out what it's about.

Is it about a boy who feels like an inconvenience to everyone and is just trying to find his place in the world? sometimes.... when it feels like it.... but not really.
Is it about dealing with learning new things about the world that change how you view it and how that can change you as a person? a little fore like...3 episodes.
Is it about the variety of people that can all inhabit the same space in some kind of odd properity? not as much as you would think.
Is it about a magic book that has the power of the major arcana? kinda but said book isn't introduced till like.... episode 10 or 11?
Is it about how to deal with people who's world views are different then yours? only on the barest surface.
Is it a study on the human condition as well as manipulation techniques involving mob mentality? again for like 3 episodes yes...
Is it about rich people getting away with everything..... probably yeah... i mean it's the longest ongoing theme.
is it a cooking anime? at times.
is it about strengthening yourself through training... i guess for a bit in the middle..

It's all these things and more and because of that it just becomes a mesh of themes that in the end feels both rushed and pointless.
Had they just focused on a few things... like.... oh i dunno
dealing with the fact that he's an orphan.... dealing with living with all kinds of different people and awakening to a new power that you had no clue even existed..... if it had just been that this could have been a really cute little show.

Instead yushi does everything in his power to avoid the biggest main theme... this book he inherits near the midpoint of the series.
a book that i may add has little to no point... except for the last two episodes.

But if it's such a mess why did i stick with it? cause it was fine... it was never so dull that i wanted to do something else but it was never so exciting that i just had to figure out what happens next...

it's fine... nothing more nothing less.
I can't recommend it, but i don't begrudge watching it. However you can give it a try, it's all over on crunchyroll.

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