Saturday, 30 December 2017

Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- (2017)

Many years ago I remember watching (at least partially) the original version of this show.

Now I should mention my memory is a pile of garbage... however one episode really stuck with me.
If you've seen the show... yeah "that" episode.

well I thought this was more episodes (like a second season... btu one that assumes you haven't sene the first so it doesn't leave anything out)... I didn't realize it was a retellign this "that" episode.... so that was fun.

Still while this show overall had little to no "point" and very little in the way of an arch I still enjoyed it. It's very pretty, the music is good and even though most of the stories end up just being "oh boy look how awful people can be based on their upbringing and rules" I still ended up watching the whole show.

The good:
Animation, music, the stories as a series of one shots that have little to nothing to do with each others (except a few episodes which also have little to nothing to do with Kino)

The meh:
Kino is extremely monotone and that can be a bit grating.
if you want a plot or purpose then this isn't the show for you... it's episodic to a fault... you could watch any episode with just kino completely out of order and nothing would change.
Short, it kinda teases that maybe there is more but at the same time it's like "this is the end... but it could be the beginning"

In the end I did like it, I don't think I'd recommend it but I did like it.
Anyways tryign to power through some shows since the end of the year is tomorrow and... well i've got some top 10 lists to write.

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