Saturday, 16 April 2016

Mr. Osomatsu

aka Osomatsu-san

When this show started i didn't know what to think, however i try to give every show a chance and that first episode was one hell of a ride.
Sure you can't see the first episode anymore because it leaned a little too close to copyright infringement for the studios liking... but trust me it was really really funny.

and honestly even though the humor at times was a bit more crass then i tend to enjoy this show always had me laughing.

considering the type of show this is the ending was also kinda perfect.

however plot is something this show doesn't have much of... a set of Sextuplet NEETS live their life... comedy ensues.

however thats all the show ever needed... i'll be honest more then ones the show got me to tear up... i don't think there was ever an episode that felt like a waste of time.

also considering how simplistic the style is the animation is top notch.

I enjoyed this show, it's not for everyone but give a try.... even though there isn't a first episode anymore (they are making a new one that should release soon apparently)

Fav matsu: Choromatsu - voice by Hiroshi kamiya my fav voice actor and out of all of them possibly the most reasonable.
Matsu i most resemble: Ichimatsu, with his love of cats...
Matsu I play mahjong like: Jyushimastu... i'd rather win no matter how cheap the hand is.
Best matsu: Karamatsu.... just cause...

alright there is one other show i need to marathon and then hopefully i'll be able to post my first impressions for the new season (spoilers: holy crap there is a lot of moe this season)

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