Tuesday, 11 August 2015

wait.... what?

random and i'll keep it short but...

Ok so i'm on tumblr, and an artist who i respect did a post about artists she respects.

and one of them was Ikuko Itou.
from what i understand Ikuko Itou was on from very early on and went from being one of the artist with the most odd proportions to easily my fav of the artists on the show.

Side note theres an anime called Princess Tutu
and i knew the creator of that worked on Sailor moon
and i knew the creators name was Ikuko Itou
but i didn't know that the creator of princess tutu was my fav artist from sailor moon.

so why does this matter.

about 9 years ago i was asked to submit some princess tutu fanart to a tribute album that was going to be given to Ikuko Itou
I did, i actually have a pic of her looking at my terrible terrible fanart in the album...

and i'm just now, nearly a decade later... realizing one of the people that inspired to me make art.... not only looked at some of my art but possibly has it stashed away somewhere with the rest of the album.... she even gave every artist in the album a comment and ideas on how to improve.

Had young me had put all those pieces together... young me may have tried to make better fanart (granted i was a teenager... so it probably wouldn't have been too much better) Like granted i knew i was sending it to the creator of princess tutu but still

so yeah thats my random freakout for something that happened when i was much younger.

alright time to produce better art, or at least art that makes me happy.

sorry just wanted to share.

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