Friday, 21 August 2015

A boy and his Cat

I was going to do this when Ushio and Tora finished but i don't know if i will stick through till then end considering it's already approved for 39 episdoes (26 this season, 13 so far next season)

I meantioned this before but Ushio and Tora has the exact same plot as Natsume Yuujinchou.

A boy who can see spirits teams up with a Cat-like yokai that both Protects/wants to eat him and they deal with problems cause by other yokai.

In Natsume Yuujinchou the focus is on a book Takashi's grandmother left thats full of yokai names that he is trying to give back...
in ushio and Tora it's a spear thats designed spcifically for killing yokai.

So in theory is Natsume yuujinchou is my fav show (and i think the evidence would show that yeah... it really is my fav show) and Ushio and Tora is the exact same show with a bit more fighting... i should love Ushio and Tora just as much..... so why don't i?

And it's not just that I'm not enjoying it like i expected to... it's actually really boring.
Ushio has to save people from scary yokai every week and every week the solution is the same... lots of stabbing.

Natsume yuujinchou actually doesn;t tend to use the book much.
This means the episodes tend to fall into categories.

Episodes that deal with Reiko's shenanigans
Episodes that Focus on Takashi's past
Episodes that focus on Family or Friends
Episodes that deal with Exorcists
Episodes that deal with Yokai...

The solution isn't always "give back name, see memory, pass out"
hell by season 3 and 4 i think he only gives back like... 4 names... and of those 4 only 1 or 2 are the main plot of the episode... most of them are just "don't forget he's also still doing this"
So I guess the conclusion i'm coming to is that I don't tend to like Shonen shows because the focus is always on who is the strongest and showing how strong they are and oh no maybe they aren't strogn enough oh wait of course they are cause you know... main character.
while a show that isn't focused on fighting (and don't get me wrong... there are fights in natsume yuujinchou it's just not the point of the show) can focus on the thing i like the most... the characters.

so yeah... if you ever wonder why i just can't get into shonen.... this is a good example of why.

plus Takashi is a million times more adorable and likeable then Ushio.... just saying

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