Monday, 31 October 2016

Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood

Yes... i have been living under a rock since 2009.... why do you ask?

Okay in all seriousness.... 2006-2009 is a bit of an anime gap for me.... it was after i decided i really didn't want to watch anime in less then legal ways.... but before i discovered sites like crunchyroll and back when Funimation used Hulu to host the vids on their website (hulu doesn't work in canada)

I had seen the original FMA, which for the record i enjoyed.... maybe not as much as my friends but i did really like it. I didn't see the need to go rushing into the new season despite it being closer to the source material.

I figured i could just borrow the dvds from a freind eventually.

and then i kinda forgot about it... i mean i knew it existed i just was in no rush.

When suddenly.... funimation lost the distribution rights....
then i realized "oh.... i did actually want to see that... rats"

Then like... 2 months later crunchy partnered with Funi and then put up the dub and sub of brotherhood which i just finished earlier today... it was supposed to last 64 days.... but here we are in less then 30.... damn cliffhanger episodes.

I watched the sub, it's what i watched the original in (partially cause alphonses voice was not pleasent to me in the original's dub) and so i figured it would be the most enjoyable way to watch... and yeah it's really good.

I feel like... it's pointless to talk about the plot since i'm the only person left on earth who hadn't seen it but just incase.
Edward and Alphonse Elric committed the greatest taboo in Alchemy, they spend the show doing their best to atone for thier sin and possibly regain what they have lost.

I will say this... while i loved the show I have a huge issue withthe first 3 episodes.

Episode 1 is about as In medias res as they come and does nothing to explain what is happening... it expects you to know a little of the plot before jumping in and i find that a little unfair to new viewers who haven't had the chance to watch... and it's almost been a decade... there are going to be completely new viewers.

Episode 2 and 3 should have been swapped since a line in 3 describes something we saw happen in the previous episode... in the original FMA this was a huge reveal. "a child can buy this with pocket change" had a completely different meaning after the fact.... but here we saw it so... it loses that impact.also episodes 2 and 3 explain the basic rules so to have them after a big fight we have no stakes in is a little silly.

also the first 13 episodes feel a tad rushed... we had all of original FMA to have some of these reveals (i know it diverges around the halfway point but some reveals do not change) where this it feels like "oh are you sad? here is more sad, thats not enough for you... here is a bit more... there we go... no wait.... NOW you are sad"

HOWEVER.... after episode thirteen the show picks up and gets so enjoyable... i was a little worried about how certain characters would fit but it was done so well. the animation was great the music was great and that story... man i could have used another cour dealing with the stuff they show in snippets at the very end. 

so yeah... glad i finally got to watch this show, completely recommend it to anyone who just wants to binge some anime... you know assuming you haven't seen it already... which you probably have.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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